Lane Cove Local Nutrionist Wendy Middleton – Talks About Calcium – Are You Getting Enough?

For nearly 20 years Lane Cove local Wendy Middleton has been operating Lane Cove Catering business, A Cut Above Catering. 

Wendy is a double threat. She is a brilliant caterer and a qualified nutritionist.   You can find out more about Wendy at A Cut Above Nutrition – where she shares her healthy love of food.

As a nutritionist, Wendy advises clients on the food to eat to improve their health. With her cooking expertise, she can show you how to go about this. She loves to share her recipes and cooking tips to nourish your body and make life more enjoyable in the kitchen.

We asked Wendy to tell us about calcium as more and more people are avoiding dairy due to lactose intolerance or digestive issues.  Take it away Wendy….

If you are avoiding dairy, it’s important to be aware of non-dairy sources of calcium and evaluate if you’re getting enough calcium each day. Why? Calcium is needed for so much more than just healthy bones and teeth.

Why Do We Need Calcium?

Calcium plays a vital role in:

  • Muscle contraction. This includes skeletal muscles to get us moving as well as heart muscles that regulate our heart beat.
  • Cardiovascular health. Calcium helps blood vessels contract and relax, and is needed to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Blood clotting. Calcium is a cofactor for a number of enzymes involved in the formation of clots to stop bleeding.

What happens when we don’t have enough calcium in our diet?

99% of calcium is stored in bones and teeth and 1% is found in the blood and fluid surrounding cells. Calcium in the blood is maintained within a very narrow range. The effects of calcium are so vital to life that a dip in calcium blood levels will result in calcium being drawn from your bones.

How much calcium do we need?

19-70 years    1000mg/day
>70 years       1300mg/day


19-50 years    1000mg/day
>50 years       1300mg/day

What Are Some Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium?

We know calcium can be found in dairy but what about non-dairy sources? You can find calcium in:

  • Fish – sardines, salmon, mackerel, herring
  • Dark green vegetables – kale, spinach, broccoli
  • Fruit – oranges, figs
  • Nuts – almonds
  • Seeds – chia, sesame

Amount of Calcium in Foods

Quick and Easy Ways to Enjoy Sardines

Other Ways to Boost Your Calcium Intake

I hope these tips make your healthy eating a little easier and tastier.

Wendy offers nutrition consultations. To book go to A Cut Above Nutrition.

Wendy Middleton
Caterer and Nutritionist
Adv Dip Nut Med, ATMS 50532
Phone: 0403 861 117
Email:  [email protected]
Facebook: @acutabovenutriton
Instagram: @acutabovenutriton

A Cut Above Catering and A Cut Above Nutrition are ITC Business Supporters. ITC has known Wendy for a long time and has been at many functions she has catered. We always enjoy watching Wendy share her healthy love of food.