Lane Cove Local Susannah Donnellan’s Feature Film Debut

Lane Cove local Susannah Donnellan is on her way to film stardom.

At only 14 years of age, Susannah had a role in the feature film “The Haunting at St Josephs”, which had its international debut at the HorrorHound Festival in the US State of Ohio.

Susannah was cast as ‘Mary,’ in ‘The Haunting at St Josephs,’ a film which follows an engaged doctor and her friends who take a holiday at St. Joseph’s Guesthouse, unaware that it was once the site of a sacrifice centuries ago and now believe it may be haunted.

The film had its private red carpet premiere at The Randwick Ritz earlier this year, where all the cast were present and dressed in their best outfits. Susannah recalls how incredible it was to watch the movie together as a cast for the first time and see the audience’s reactions. Each cast member received a roaring cheer as their name appeared on the credits. “It was really special,” she said.

Susannah At the Red Carpet Premiere

To gain the role, Susannah recorded a self-tape audition and sent it to the casting agent. Once she was cast, she began preparation, learning lines and focusing heavily on her character’s emotions and how to convey them effectively with little dialogue.

“One thing I ensured to do was to practice externalising a character’s more vulnerable emotions such as fear and desperation,” Sussanah said.

She achieved this by practising and receiving feedback from peers. Susannah remembers well one acting class where she acted out an interrogation scene and focussed on her abilities to externalise emotion. Susannah spoke of the professionalism she learnt on set and that it was overall “an extremely enjoyable experience,” that she is immensely grateful for.

Sussanah in front of the Movie Poster for The Haunting of Saint Josephsd

But this is not the only project Susannah has been involved in. In 2022 Susannah was also cast in the short film “If You Go Into the Woods,” directed by Jon Cohen, which went on to win 17 short film awards. The film is about a group of teenagers who go in search of their missing classmates, only to discover that they should have stayed away.

Susannah Caught the Acting Bug Early

Susannah started acting classes when she was seven years old while attending Mowbray Public School in Lane Cove North.  At about the age of nine, she really caught the acting bug. “I was 11 when I decided that it was what I wanted to make a career out of,” she said.

Susannah is enrolled at the Australian Institute of Performing Arts(AIPA), where she has taught many different skills.  AIPA has actively supported her in chasing her dreams. As well as that she attributes her dad as one of her biggest supporters. “I wouldn’t be where I am without him, he has helped me in every way possible, and I am exceptionally grateful,” she said.

Susannah’s Favourite Local Things To Do

As a local, Susannah loves to get out and explore Lane Cove, with her favourite food spot being SugarLane. “It’s absolutely delicious.”

She is also a big fan of Chattime. “My obsession is actually worrying,” she joked.

In her spare time, Susannah likes to read and undertake craft projects.  She’s a regular at Hot Dollar.

“I absolutely love the library…. I am surrounded by a quiet, calm space and thousands of literary pieces,” she said.

We are sure she will do amazing things in the future.

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