Meet Lane Cove Artist Phoebe Stone

    Recently In the Cove published a story about the Lane Cove Art prize, and in the lead-up to that event, we thought it would be nice to showcase some local artists.

    Last year Lane Cove Local Phoebe Stone won first prize in the Lane Cove Art Prize Pastels, Drawings, Prints and Mixed Media Section for her work – All My Friends Are In Italy; Sardines For Supper.

    Almost three years ago, Pheobe took a big leap of faith and became a professional artist. Phoebe works predominately with oil pastels from her studio located in Lane Cove North.

    Phoebe Stone With Her Painting at the 2022 Lane Cove Art Prize Exhibition

    We asked Phoebe the following questions:

    Why Do You Work Predominately With Oil Pastels?

    Oil Pastels, for me, are a happy medium between paint and pencil. They are directly in my hand, and there is no brush between me and the medium, which I like, they are quite fluid, can be layered and are very textural like paint has the capacity to be. I don’t have to wait for them to dry, which I like, and I can move quite quickly. I use a lot of white, so I like the warmth and the contrast you get when working on top of brown paper or board.

    Apples with Chore Coat

    Why Did You Decide to Become a Professional Artist?

    It all happened quite organically, really, I wasn’t setting out to become a professional artist or show my work. I have spent just over a decade as an interior designer, but at the end of 2020, I really needed some downtime and left my job.

    I began drawing as a meditation, to decompress a bit, I posted a few pieces on my personal Instagram account and another designer (who I didn’t know personally) asked if they were for sale, I met with her, and she was very encouraging and bought a few pieces.

    After that, I created a separate Instagram account, and before long, the lovely Amber Creswell Bell contacted me to show at the Michael Reid Northern Beaches Gallery.  My Instagram following grew, and I managed to sell quite well on Instagram.  I then started to get approaches from a few different spaces asking to sell my work.

    I’ve had two solo shows now, a third in September and participated in many group shows, it’s been really amazing, and I’m so glad I decided to go out on a limb and put my work out there.

    What Is Your Favourite Thing to Draw?

    I mostly draw still life, although I’ve come a bit full circle and have been exploring interior scenes recently. I think I have always been a big homebody, and I love objects, and the way people decorate can tell you a bit about them. So many pieces in my home have stories embedded in them, whether they were purchased whilst travelling or gifted by someone special. I love a beautiful thing.

    Why not celebrate a beautiful ceramic, and create an ode to it in the form of a drawing?

    I’d rather dwell on beauty, nostalgic memories, and a sense of intimacy, and so that’s what I do with my art.

    OTT Rainbow Trout

    Tell Us About Your Next Solo Exhibition

    My next solo show is actually my third, but my second in Sydney. I’ve created some larger works and really leaned into my love of still life as a genre.

    The show is really a homage to the genre, to the Vanitas paintings of the Flemish masters, to Van Gogh, Cezanne and his apples.

    I’m always nervous before a show. You hope that some people come to the opening, that someone else might care or appreciate the art you’ve made, but also proud, even if no one comes or pieces don’t sell, I’m proud that I’ve managed to create a body of work. I am also proud that I am brave enough to share something I’ve made.

    Phoebe at her Lane Cove North Studio

    What’s Your Favourite Artwork You’ve Created?

    I don’t think I have a favourite, each one feels like a child, and as much as my 4-year-old daughter Poppy thinks I should be able to pick a favourite child (she definitely thinks I should pick her), I just can’t.

    I’m definitely excited by the works I’ve created for this next show, they are a lot larger than I normally do, and it’s been really exciting to see the compositions transition to a bigger size.

    Have You Always Lived in Lane Cove?

    We have lived in Lane Cove for almost four years.

    I grew up in Naremburn. To be honest, as 20-year-olds, we had no desire to live in Lane Cove. It seemed so quiet. We have lived in Kirribilli, Camperdown and Paddington.

    We started our family in Paddington  When we realised we wanted more space for our little family, we ended up looking back at Lane Cove.  We were hesitant, we loved the pubs, the galleries, and the vibrancy of inner-city life, but we knew something was missing, something more than space. What we found in Lane Cove was something we had been craving, which was a sense of community, it’s really unique to Lane Cove, and we haven’t looked back.

    My husband grew up in Greenwich/Northwood and still lived with his parents when we started dating, and we would often go for Sunday afternoon drinks at the Diddy (as carefree 20-year-olds do), and now we have a chuckle as we chase our two kids around the Diddy’s bowling green.

    Since we moved to Lane Cove, both my mother and one of my sisters are now Lane Cove residents!!

    What’s Your Favourite Thing To Do In Lane Cove?

    I love the sense of community. It’s a rather European way of living, people are always out in the village, at the Canopy or the bandstand green, and you can just sit down, and you’ll always find someone to talk to. I love grabbing a coffee at Story, a yummy salad at Greenhouse Salads, or sushi from Sushi Maro.

    I’m always in Harris Farm Markets or chatting to Nicola at Be.U Natural (ITC note where you can buy Lane Cove Tea Towels!!)

    Where is Your Next Exhibition?

    My next exhibition is at Hake House of Art on September 8th 2023.


    1/275 Harbord Road, Dee Why, Sydney, New South Wales

    Opening Hours

    Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm

    Friday 9 am – 3 pm

    Saturday 9 am – 3 pm

    Phoebe’s Contact Details


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