Why Using a Mortgage Broker Is So Important

Last year In the Cove published an article about how you may be paying more in interest on your home loan than you realise.  You can read it here.

With the interest rates rising last year and discretionary spending falling, it’s important to do a mortgage check and ensure you are not paying more interest than needed.

What if you’re purchasing a home for the first time?  Do you know all the grants that are available? What do you know about Mortgagee insurance?  Did you know that every bank/financial institution has numerous different interest rates?

The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) conducted a survey in August 2023, and the results revealed that 93% of mortgage brokers reported their clients being more concerned about meeting repayments than they were six months ago.

The survey also showed an increase in new clients using a mortgage broker for the first time to understand options around their home loans.

“The number of new clients seeking the services of our members for the first time highlights the value of using a broker given the complexity of the lending market,” said MFAA CEO Anja Pannek.

You can spend considerable time researching the home loan market, or you can speak to a mortgage broker who will give you more options.

Recently ITC sat down with Lane Cove Local and mortgage broker Leanne Johnstone from Mortgage Choice and asked her to fill us in on what is happening in the home loan market sector.   Leanne knows what she is talking about and was recently featured in an ABC news article called “Mortgage Wars

Leanne noted in this article that one particular lender, Commonwealth Bank of Australia was not offering the same deal as other financial institutions.  She was quoted as saying:

“I certainly think it’s been a strategy where CBA haven’t been as sharp with their pricing,” Mortgage Choice broker Leanne Johnstone said.

“So they haven’t been reducing the interest rates as much as what some other lenders have been in terms of discounts.”

Who Needs Help?

Leanne said the following clients have been enlisting her help:

  • First Home Owners
  • Home Owners with an Existing Mortgage Looking for a better rate

First Home Owners

Leanne said her team can help first homeowners access all the grants they are entitled to.  Many first homeowners do not realise they could be eligible for several grants.   They only have to provide the information once to Leanne and her team, and they will do the rest and provide options.

Existing Mortgage Holders

Leanne has one team member dedicated to reviewing existing home loans and seeing if they can access a better rate for their clients.  She said for minimal effort, they may be able to save some money.

Leanne is a Lane Cove local and has been a Mortgage Choice franchisee for over 21 years.

Leanne Johnstone Lane Cove Mortgage Choice Franchisee/Owner

Leanne is a Lane Cove local and has been a Mortgage Choice franchisee for over 21 years.

Many Lane Cove locals have pursued their dreams of purchasing a first home, a larger home, or an investment property with Leanne Johnstone’s assistance.

Leanne’s background is different to most Mortgage Brokers.  She started her career as an accountant (which is why she is so good with numbers), then moved on to a career in human resources before studying to become a mortgage broker and finally a Mortgage Choice franchisee.  Having this varied career means Leanne can put her many skills to use when helping you through the finance journey.

Leanne’s not afraid to work hard and get the best deals for her clients.  You will find Leanne in her office six days a week.  She ensures she works with a client from start to finish.

It helps that she is backed up by a team that is as passionate as she is, and that is why she prides herself on providing you with a seamless service.

This hard work has paid off with Leanne being a finalist in the FBAA Broker of the Year (Independent & Franchise) award at the 2022 Australian Mortgage Awards.

Other Awards

🏅 MPA Top 100 Brokers 2021
🏅Women in Finance Awards 2020 Finalist
🏅Winner 2019 Mortgage Choice National Single Operator of the Year
🥇Winner 2019 Mortgage Choice High-Performance Award
🏅 Winner 2019 Mortgage Choice NSW Single Operator of the Year

Appointments are Easy to Make

The Lane Cove Mortgage Choice office is conveniently located in The Village Shopping Centre, Lane Cove (opposite Nibu Café).

Leanne makes it as easy as possible for you to make an appointment with her.  You can meet her at her office, or she can arrange a zoom session.  She has noticed that one of the benefits of moving to Zoom sessions is that couples/partners don’t have to find the time in their busy schedules to both be available for an appointment.  She regularly has Zoom appointments where one person could be at work in the city while the other person is working from home.

Mortgage Choice Lane Cove Contact Details

Address: Shop 15, 43-45 Burns Bay Road (The Village Shopping Centre)
Phone: 02 9639 6000
Mobile: 0422 222 975
This is a sponsored post – Mortgage Choice is an ITC Business Supporter.