Lane Cove Council’s Get That Job Success Story – Piyush Nasa 

For the last couple of years, Lane Cove Council has been holding seminars aimed at residents who have been made redundant or are having a hard time getting a job.  The workshops are called Get That Job and are well attended.

Piyush Nasa participated in the workshop, and this is his story.

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, unexpected turns can often lead to new opportunities. Such was my experience when faced with redundancy from JP Morgan. In March 2023, I found myself at a crossroads, and it was then that I attended Mike’s ‘Get that Job’ program – a quarterly event designed to empower individuals navigating the complexities of the job market.

Little did I know that this workshop would be the catalyst for a transformative journey toward a fulfilling role at Macquarie Bank.

Mike’s personalized approach to mentorship extended beyond group sessions, with impactful one-on-one interviews in person and on Zoom.

His guidance refined my skills and boosted my confidence, proving invaluable during the job search.

What sets Mike apart is his expertise and commitment to fostering a sense of community.

His weekly networking coffee sessions on Monday mornings became a lifeline, connecting me with others facing similar struggles. Here, I recognized the power of networking and the strength in building connections to navigate the professional landscape.

Applying the techniques shared by Mike became a game-changer in my job-seeking journey. His mentorship equipped me with skills and instilled the importance of strategic networking. I successfully secured a position at Macquarie Bank, a testament to the effectiveness of Mike’s ‘Get that Job’ approach.

My gratitude extends to Mike for his unwavering support and the transformative experience of attending his workshop.

Beyond that, his personal mentorship and insightful networking coffees showcased the depth of his commitment.

Mike’s impact goes beyond career milestones; it’s seen in the bonds formed, the lessons learned, and the doors opened.

I am genuinely thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of his mentorship journey, a journey that has undoubtedly shaped my career for the better. Here’s to Mike, a mentor whose generosity and wisdom have left an indelible mark on my professional trajectory.


Next Workshop

When: Thursday, 23 March 2024 – 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Where: Terrace Function Room, lower ground floor, Lane Cove Community Hub, 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove

Bookings: Bookings are essential as numbers are limited.  We will let you know when the bookings open

This is a free program to support you to get that job!

You will receive tools and tips from a career management consultant on:

  • Preparing your CV
  • Interview techniques
  • Developing your network

After the workshop, participants are invited to have a one-on-one follow-up meeting to focus on individual needs as well as weekly coffee mornings, online group meetings and staying in touch – all of which are designed to help you get that job!

Thank you to Piyush (see our cover photo) for sharing his story with us.


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