A First for Lane Cove’s Max Hitchins With His Book Chasing Gold

Long time friend of In The Cove and a 50+ year Lane Cove Resident
Max Hitchins has launched his latest book Chasing Gold.

It’s an inspiring and motivational book that includes QR Codes. Never before have QR codes been used in a book about Athletes who have competed in the Summer, Winter, and Paralympic Games.

Throughout Chasing Gold you will find QR codes that allow you to ‘see’ as well as read about amazing Athletes.

‘Behind’ the QR codes, you will find a collection of newsreels, interviews, event replays and historical moments.

You will ‘see’ video stories about:

  • Tarzan, (a 1924 Olympian);
  • The Boys In The Boat (A 1936 Olympic Games story);
  • Two ‘must see’ interviews with the legendary American boxer Muhammed Ali;
  • Jessie Owen (the American track star who upset Hitler by outjumping the German athlete Luz Long; and
  • Australian sculler Bobby Pearce stopped rowing to let a duck and her ducklings cross in front of him during the race….and he still went on to win the Gold medal at the 1924 Amsterdam Olympics.

See below one of the biggest upsets in running history.

Why Did Max Write Chasing Gold?

Australia is one of only five countries that have been represented at every Olympic Games since 1896.  In 1980, the Australian Government asked the Australian Olympic Federation (AOF) to boycott the Moscow games (due to Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan). The AOF decided not to withdraw from the games, and the Australian team marched in the Opening Ceremony behind the Olympic flag instead of the Australian flag.

Australians (and Max) love their sport.  Max can recite to you the location of every Summer Olympic Games since 1896 and one outstanding performance at each of those games.

Max has had time to write this book after retiring from his other side gig – MelbourneCupMax.

A self-confessed devotee of the Melbourne Cup, the media christened him MelbourneCupMax because he had memorised the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-getters for the last 100 Melbourne Cups.

Every year, Max would follow national and international races and horses, research articles, and talk to owners, trainers, and media experts. He studies breeding and watches live races and videos from all over the world. He does everything other than ‘talk’ to the horses!

Where Can You Buy the Book?

Max is hoping that it will be available at a Lane Cove retailer soon. However, you can purchase the book by clicking on this link.  The book retails for $24.89.  It would make a great non-chocolate Easter Gift or get in early for Mother’s Day.

How Long Has Max Lived in the Lane Cove Area?

Max loves Lane Cove because it is “so safe and friendly.’

Max moved from Moree in 1972 and purchased a home in Lane Cove. Although Max has not moved since he purchased his home in Lane Cove, his section of the suburb from around 2000 was renamed Riverview. 

What Does Max Like About Living in Lane Cove?

He loves going to the Cafes, Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Lane Cove.  He enjoys running into people he knows and having a chat. He also loves to welcome new people to the area. Max’s kids grew up in Lane Cove.   

Family in Lane Cove

Two of Max and Robe’s daughters, Sallee and Alysia, have a business in Lane Cove called  Recipes in a Jar – check out their website they have a range of products that are beautifully presented in a presentation box.