7 Things to Do in Lane Cove on a Rainy Day

Have you heard the expression there’s nothing slower than a wet week? A wet week is even slower when you have kids stuck inside the house. ITC has some suggestions for some fun things to do in Lane Cove on a rainy day.

Go to the Library

The Lane Cove Library has a terrific children’s section. Grab a book and settle in for some reading. And don’t forget there is St Leonards Library, Greenwich Library and West Chatswood Library (in Lane Cove North).

Burns Bay Bookery

The Burns Bay Bookery has a lovely children’s section, where kids can browse and relax. The Maisy Pop Up Book is a favourite.

Burns Bay Bookery

Doo Doo Kids Indoor Play Centre

Doo Doo Kids indoor play centre is located in Harris Farm and they have barista coffee and some good snacks – so head over and check them out.

Climbfit St Leonards and Macquarie

Kids love climbing and they will love Climbfit.  Climbfit St Leonards is near Home HQ Artarmon.


Go For a Swim in the Indoor Pool at Aquatic Centre

You are going to get wet anyway, so why not go for a swim in the indoor pool at Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.


Take the Kids Out to Buy Some Craft Supplies

It’s time to hit Hot Dollar and buy some cheap craft supplies. If you want some really good craft ideas we highly recommend you check out local blogger Danya Banya – she has some amazing ideas for kids.

Embrace the Wet and Puddle Jump

If you can’t beat them join them, let the kids go wild and jump in puddles.  Just make sure you have a towel ready (otherwise getting home in the car will be a real nightmare).

What other local ideas can you think of?


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