Get Ready for Buses Servicing Lane Cove To Change When the Metro Opens

    The Metro Station planned for Crows Nest may result in fewer buses running from Lane Cove to the City.  A source has told In the Cove that Busways has released draft timetable changes for discussion with their bus drivers.  The plan was released last week by Busways to their drivers.  There are several changes that impact Lane Cove.

    Bus Route 252

    The service will terminate at North Sydney and not King’s Street Wharf.

    Bus Route 261

    The service will terminate at North Sydney, not King’s Street Wharf. Improved weekday services and a new Sunday service are promised.

    Bus Route 254

    The service will operate as a loop service around Riverview – except for the buses that currently service Ross Smith Parade.

    Bus Route 288 

    The service from the city will terminate at Macquarie University.  It currently terminates at Epping.

    Bus Route 292

    Busways are promising more peak bus services arriving at 20-minute intervals.

    Bus Route 294

    This service will be discontinued

    Bus Route 265

    This service will no longer service Greenwich

    Bus Route 267

    This service will extend from Crows Nest to Greenwich Wharf.  Busways are promising extended services and a new service on Sundays.

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