Plug In and Pay Up: Lane Cove Council Introduces EV Charging Fees

    As of 1 July 2024, Lane Cove Council has implemented a charging fee for electricity used at public Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging stations in three Lane Cove Council-operated car parks: The Canopy, Lane Cove Market Square, and St Leonards Central.

    Previously, these stations offered free charging to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles). However, the council now charges $0.20 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to recover electricity costs.


    EV Charging Facilities at Lane Cove Market Square


    Roving Reporter, Joshua, alerted ITC of the new fees.

    He was surprised because, as far as he was aware, the Lane Cove Council had not alerted EV charger users of the change.  As a result, it’s no longer plug in and walk away!

    In The Cove searched Lane Cove Council’s website and Facebook page details, and the following statement is published in the Parking section of their website.

    “Please be advised, that as of 1 July 2024 Council will commence applying a fee of $0.20/kwh for EV Charging stations at The Canopy, Market Square and St Leonards Central Car Parks.

    As you are aware, Council has previously provided this service free of charge, however in light of rising costs (generally) coupled with the vast majority of visitors to these car parks not driving electric vehicles, this approach delivers a degree of equity to drivers and residents alike.”

    Tim Ryan is a Lane Cove local and an EV owner, and we asked him to explain the changes.

    Tim regularly uses The Canopy EV Chargers, and he told ITC the following:

    The Lane Cove AC EVSEs (EV Chargers) at The Canopy on L3  are no longer free — they charge 20 cents a kWh, which is very reasonable for commercial chargers.

    The two remaining Tesla chargers have now been replaced with two grey Ocular chargers (there were three there, so there are now five, and the sixth is a black Ocular charger with its own cable. All the other five are now BYO cable).

    New Procedures

    The new procedure requires you to have installed the Exploren app.

    Installing it on your phone (Apple or Android) before trying to connect is best.


    The app includes features so you can see the chargers’ status before you head out to charge (or to go shopping and opportunistically charge). The two icons you will use most are the Map and Scan icons.


    When you click on the location   – You access more information about it …


    You should set up your account, noting that it requires you to have a balance BEFORE you start charging. You can deposit as little or as much as you want.

    When you have the app

    • you plug your BYO cable into the charger
    • you plug your cable into the EV
    • in the app, you scan the QR code on the charger (or on the printed screen.. the latter is easier)
    • click start charging

    It really is that simple!

    It now monitors your charging so you can check your status in the App. You’ll also view your charging history in the Explorer App.



    I experienced a problem where the charging terminated before a full charge. This was apparent to me while sitting at dinner. The first time I noticed it, I went down and restated the charging (I had to disconnect the cable to reset it). The second time it happened, we finished dinner, paid the La Piazza bill and collected the car.

    I noticed this problem a few times before the recent change, so it looks like a firmware issue on the Ocular Chargers. I’m following up with EVSE Australia, as I know the founders.

    Thank you to Tim Ryan for the above explanation.

    The two fast chargers located on The Canopy Level P2 are accessed through the Evie App.

    Little Street Car Park Lane Cove

    EV drivers can still enjoy free charging at the Little Street car park.

    Roving Reporter Josh told ITC the following:

    “Little St Car park now only has two Exploren chargers (still free) and two Tesla chargers, which are only compatible with Tesla and a small number of other EVs.”

    Is Lane Cove Council Allowed to Increase the Fee?

    All council fees and charges must be approved each year by a resolution of the Lane Cove Council for the next financial year. The fees cannot be changed mid-year. The approved fee was .22 cents per kilowatt.


    On-Street EV Charging

    In May 2024, we reported that the NSW government announced funding for kerbside EV Chargers, and Lane Cove Council has been earmarked as one of the councils to receive financing for further kerbside charges like the ones installed in Lane Cove last year.

    Lane Cove Council has released a list of proposed locations.

    Kerbside EV Charges are proposed for the following locations:

    The following parking restrictions will apply.

    396 Mowbray Rd W, Lane Cove North: Installation of an EV Charger on Ausgrid pole Number GL90895. This will involve changing approximately one car length of the current unrestricted parking to “2P; 8 am – 6 pm; EV Charging ONLY”.

    626 Mowbray Rd W, Lane Cove North: Installation of an EV Charger on Ausgrid pole Number GL36899. This will involve changing approximately one car length of the current unrestricted parking to “2P; 8 am—6 pm; EV Charging ONLY.”

    43 Little St, Lane Cove: An EV charger will be installed on Ausgrid pole Number GL71792. This will involve changing approximately one car length of the current unrestricted parking to “2P; 8 am—6 pm; EV Charging ONLY.”

    You can have your say on the proposed locations here.

    If you don’t own an EV, you can always borrow one (well, a toy one) from The Lane Cove Toy Library.

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