Become an In The Cove Member

Many of you have asked how you can directly support In the Cove. Now we have an answer.

You can become an In the Cove member and part of the #ITCcrew. All it costs is a an annual member fee of $50.00.

We appreciate that in these difficult times, we all need to be careful with spending. ITC will always be free and we will never put in a paywall but if you can help us with some of our costs and allow us to grow we would appreciate it. In the Cove, has a team of 1.5 people.  We would like to keep going and bring you all the local news.  In the Cove is a hyperlocal site and most hyperlocal sites fold within the first five years due to funding issues and burn out.  Now in the current climate running a hyperlocal site has even more challenges. If your circumstance allows you to offer some financial support, we’d love it.  What do you get for being a member – just feel-good vibes
  • Once you submit the form you will be redirected to PayPal to finalise the transaction
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