Q. Where can the cards be redeemed?

The cards can only be redeemed at participating stores within the community that the program has been set up in.

Q. Where will the cards be sold?

The cards will be sold at all nominated and participating Load Up Stores within the community. Cards can also be purchased online at www.whyleavetown.com.

Q. How can we check the balance of the card?

Log onto www.whyleavetown.com and click on the balance check icon. All you need to do is enter the card number and pin to see the balance as well as a list of all transactions made on the card

Q. How much can be loaded up onto the cards?

From $10 up to $1000 can be loaded onto the cards.

Q. How many times can I use the Gift Card?

The cards are a load once, use many concept, this means that the value which is loaded onto the card cannot be added to and the card can be spent all at one time or a little at a time.

Q. What happens if the card is lost or damaged?

If you know the card number then the card can be replaced. It is encouraged to register the card at www.whyleavetown.com when you first get it just in case you lose it so that we already have your details.

Q. Do the cards expire?

Yes, in NSW the funds on the cards expire 3 years after they are loaded up. In all other states or territories, the funds on the cards expire 12 months after they are loaded up.
Yes the cards themselves expire 5 years after their printing date – regardless of if they have been loaded with funds or not.

Q. What happens if there is money left on the cards after they expire?

75% of any funds left on the card after expiry are returned to Why Leave Town Promotions. These funds are then returned to the commissioning organisation of the individual programs to do with them what they want. It has to be said that these funds are diminishing yearly because cardholders are becoming far more aware of expiry dates simply because of the constant exposure they have because of the Chain Stores unceasing promotion of gift cards.

Q. Who holds the money when a card is loaded up?

All funds that are loaded onto the cards are stored within a separate trust account. No funds are held by Why Leave Town Promotions, the commissioning organisation or the participating businesses.

Q. Will the cards work on my system?

The cards are manufactured to international standards and conform to ISO Standard 7810. The cards will work on EFTPOS Machine within Australia. They are made to the same standard as any of the bank issued debit style cards, we have never found an EFTPOS terminal that could not accept our cards. These cards will not work on Square, PayPal or similar Card Readers. Only EFTPOS Terminals.


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