Why Did You Start In the Cove?


Hi I am Jacky Barker (above is the best photo ever taken of me) and I am the mysterious person behind In the Cove. I thought it was time to reveal myself and tell you why I started In the Cove. I have lived in Lane Cove for 20 years. I love Lane Cove and I love the people. I love the fact that I can walk around the plaza in my daggy work out gear and not feel self conscious. I also like the fact that wherever I am In the Cove I am not far away from a friendly face and a chance to catch up with friends.

I am a naturally curious person so I always love to have a chat and find out what is going on. One day after tasting some really good coffee at a new coffee shop that was tucked away in an area that not everyone might know about I felt this overwhelming need to start a facebook site to let people know what was happening In the Cove.  My motto was use your information for good and not evil (thank you Maxwell Smart).

So In the Cove was born.  I started posting about everything I knew about what was going on In the Cove.  Numerous people have told me that they have learnt things about Lane Cove that they did not know before. I have not advertised the site, all likes have been through word of mouth and the feedback has been so positive.

In fact  the site is becoming so popular that the local council is taking note .  I was sitting at a coffee shop sipping my coffee (I have a PhD in coffee shop lurking) and I was accidently sitting next to the Mayor of Lane Cove . One of his friends was fiddling with the Mayor’s phone. His friend turned around and said “Are you In the Cove, the mayor really wants to look at the page”.

My best friend knows that I am now obsessed about the site and promoting In the Cove. She was flabbergasted when she was in the Dentist’s chair and all he wanted to speak about was In the Cove while cleaning her teeth.

There is only so much you can say on a facebook page so I have now started a blog. The purpose of the blog will be to go in depth. I will try and interview local colourful personalities.

In the short period In the Cove has been established, we have been asked to highlight and investigate several issues. By writing this blog I can keep you up to date on those issues.

I hope you like the blog and suggest some things that In the Cove can investigate.

Because remember what happens In the Cove stays In the Cove.


  1. Well done on this. We have only lived in the area for a year and a half and I feel the same way when I go up to Lane Cove everyone so friendly its a great area to live in.
    Keep the blog coming!! x