ITC Wants Your Help


In the Cove’s mantra is what happens in the Cove stays in the Cove.  In other words, if it is happening in the Cove we will tell you all about it.


ITC’s aims are:


  • To promote local businesses;
  • To promote local community groups;
  • To promote local events;
  • To raise awareness of local issues; and
  • To feature colourful Lane Cove identities (we will be featuring a colourful identity once a week on our blog)


However ITC at the moment is run by one person (with the help of some great friends who regularly email or text ITC information).  ITC is not complaining.  We have been overwhelmed by your response, comments and feedback.  ITC is ready for world domination, but needs your help.


We want you:


  • To tell us about all the things you love In the Cove;
  • To tell us top tips for living in the Cove;
  • To let us know if a business offers exceptional customer service;
  • To provide us with your favorite recipes (using ingredients you can easily source In the Cove – I feel an In the Cove cookbook not far away!!!)
  • To tell us your favorite café, butcher, fruit shop, hairdresser, vet, park, massage therapy place, beautician or lane cove shop or place;
  • Tell us your favorite community organisation;
  • To let us know if you have done something extraordinary (for example the beautiful girls who recently cut their hair in support of cancer patients);
  • To let us know local issues that impact on your day to day activities (the hottest issues at the moment are parking, the state of the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre and maintenance of public toilets);
  • To become a photojournalist and snap a beautiful picture of Lane Cove for us – if it includes people please obtain their express consent to post it on In The Cove.


If you are a business owner please feel free to:


  • offer our readers some special offers or discounts (for example we featured a $10 off gift voucher by the Beautician in Lane Cove West or Half Price Blow Dry Frenzy by Infinity Hair in Lane Cove West)
  • offer a prize for our monthly giveaway (we have just finished our Zjoosh promotion);
  • get involved in In the Cove’s random act of kindness day (we would like all coffee shops In The Cove to randomly pick two customers per hour to receive a free coffee – we are currently looking for a suitable date); or
  • send us a picture of your best customer service employee so that we can feature that person. 


If you are a community or sporting organization we want you to:


  • tell us about your upcoming events;
  • give us a report of any interesting issues affecting your organisaiton; or
  • tell us about your registration days or fundraising events.


So there you go, that is how you can help ITC.  All you need to do is Email us at [email protected]


Stayed tuned for an absolutely fabulous offer by Apple Dental which will be launching this week.  Apple Dental has come up with a great community donation plan that involves In the Cove readers.