Colourful Lane Cove Identity – Rebecca Mitchell Hamilton & Co

Rebecca Mitchell – Hamilton & Co

ITC chose Rebecca as a colourful identity because basically Rebecca is a Lane Cove Institution – she has been In the Cove for as long as anyone can remember and has been an integral part of the business community. ITC first came across Rebecca when she owned the Lane Cove Dance Academy. ITC was never allowed to do ballet lessons when she was growing up or to wear a tutu (I can hear your collective sighs) so she decided that Miss ITC would be a ballet dancer and wear a tutu. The end of year concert came and Rebecca had choreographed the most wonderful Under the Sea segment from the Little Mermaid. All ITC wanted was for Miss ITC to wear the beautiful mermaid tutu (like 80 other girls). No – she decided that she wanted to be like the boy in the musical number who was a crab. The crab outfit was bright orange (we are talking Guantanamo Bay prison orange). However on the night Miss ITC’s individuality was a bonus – we could easily tell her from the other 80 girls on stage. Miss ITC and Rebecca knew what they were doing.

The Crab In Action

ITC asked Rebecca the following:

Your first business In the Cove was Lane Cove Dance Academy – why did you start this business?

I had been a full time ballet student and injured my ankle quite badly, I was told the injury would take months to heal so I decided (with the help of my Mum) to open a small ballet school in the church hall in Taleeban Road, Riverview. I sold it 22 years later with over 550 kids. I am now selling houses to my Tiny Tots!

You then started Charlie’s Lane Cove – which was so handy for time poor mums – why did you decide to start that business?

It just happened! I knew that it was time for a change and everything just fell into place. (small note Charlie’s was nearly a toy shop but Kids Stuff beat me to it)

Now you are working in real estate at Hamilton & Co – why the change?

As retail became slower I started to realize I wasn’t getting enough out of my work, I need (and thrive) on being busy. I love working with people and love working in sales so it just seemed like a natural segue. I called Jocelyn Gregory to talk to her about the world of Real Estate; I have always loved her passion and integrity. Jocelyn offered me a job on the spot! We haven’t looked back since, it’s amazing to be part of such a wonderful team.

You always look so fit what exercise do you do?

I try to get to the gym 2-3 times a week but don’t always succeed. I love working with weights but don’t like cardio (but do it when forced). I try to eat well but have been known to eat cake in stressful moments. I tried running for a few weeks, it didn’t work.

What is your best tip for living In the Cove?

Eat Sam The Cake man’s cakes – they really are the best! I always try to shop locally.

What if your favourite restaurant In the Cove?

I truly cannot pick. I had a wonderful client take me out to Il Simpatico and it was delicious! Sitting outside at Firefly having their zucchini fires or breakfast at Pablo and Rusty’s! Late Sunday afternoon drink at the Unwined Bar – how can you pick?

What is your vision for Lane Cove?

To keep and foster the sense of community that we have. The green is just a hive of families and kids, it’s so lovely to see.

What other shops would you like to see In the Cove?

I’m so pleased there is a frozen yogurt place opening soon, I’d love to see more fashion shops and just more variety.

If you were Mayor for a day – what would you do to improve the Cove?

I would fix the parking, it would be the first thing I’d do!!!!! Having worked (and lived) in Lane Cove nearly all my 42 years it’s hard to believe that parking is still such a shemozzle. I know our current Mayor is going full steam with new plans and I hope he succeeds quickly.

Finally, which celebrity would you like to sell a house In the Cove to?

Ellen De Generes.

Hamilton & Co is located at 144 Longueville Road Lane Cove
Rebecca’s Contact Number is: 0412 257 625
Rebecca’s Current Listings are listed at:
Email:[email protected]