Lane Cove is the Food Blogging Centre of the World (okay well maybe Australia)

In Lane Cove we love our food.  We love our coffee shops and we love talking about food.  We have at least three great food bloggers that live in Lane Cove and have the most beautiful blogs.  Let me tell you a little bit about them.

The Food Dept

The Food Dept is four creatives with a combined experience in magazines, publishing and advertising. They cook, style, photograph, produce, design, publish and create beautiful images and recipes professionally. Their passion for food has spilled over into the food dept, giving a fresh on trend food experiences and tasty dishes that you will want to devour. Petrina Tinslay, is their fabulous photographer, David Morgan brings his unique style, Anne Marie Cummins, is the creative director and Sally Courtney cooks up a storm, together they are the food dept.


“We saw a gap in the blogosphere for a professional food blog that had the wealth and depth of experience that the food dept have. We knew we could produce delicious recipes that not only work but also push creative boundaries.” Anne Marie Cummins

“The timing just seemed right for this type of outlet for our combined creative forces, and the team were all super keen to see what we could create together outside of our usual editorial outlets.” Petrina Tinslay

The Food Dept has been featured in Delicious and also on the SBS Food site.  Their recipes are stunning and the photography is brilliant.  Here are a few of ITC’s favourites:




Napoli Restaurant Alert

This blog is one woman’s dream to eat it all.  Josephine Napoli was born in Sydney  to an Italian family.  She has grown up surrounded by food. Until she was about 18, due to a very traditional Italian father, the only cuisine she really knew was Italian. After that she discovered the rest of the world, so she is always on the lookout for new food experiences. The blog s is predominantly a Sydney restaurant food blog, with a few of Josephine’s recipe attempts thrown in, and with occasional visits to other cities.

Here are a few of my favourite reviews:




Simmer & Boyle

Sally Boyle is a woman who just loves baking and by god her desserts are to die for.  She is also a local caterer.  If you want a macaron she is the woman.  Here are some of my favourite posts:

orange chiffon 5_edited-1



Do you know of any other food bloggers located in Lane Cove?