Should Lave Cove Have a Pay it Forward Day?


Since In the Cove started in October 2012, our likers have told us numerous times about the kind gestures other Lane Cove residents have made to each other.   This lead me to thinking that maybe we should have an official Lane Cove Pay it Forward Day.  This day would be dedicated to just doing one kind gesture to another lane cove resident.  It could be as simple as taking in someone’s garbage bin to buying them a cup of coffee.  What do you think?  Anyone want to be on the committee??  Here are few of my favourite Pay it Forward Gestures that I have seen on In the Cove (and two of them are this week) and there have been many more.

“Another reason I love lane cove I set off walking to the shops yesterday and I got stuck in the sudden storm Laden with my shopping and dripping wet a wonderful woman stopped and offered me a lift home! Thank You Rachel for stopping and helping me out What a gem!”

“Would like to give a big thank you to the man at Go Vita who saw me having a full-blown, grown-up sized tantrum outside his shop when I got there too late and opening back up for me! ♡”
 “A big Thank You to the chap who provided navigation guidance to our 288 bus driver into town yesterday morning. Were it not for him, the interchange would have been skipped, and we would have gone into the city via the airport! A woman did the same coming home a month or two ago. Bus training program seems to be lacking… GPS would be a good idea.”
“A big thank you to the lady who found my handbag and drove to my house and waited for me to come home to hand me my handbag”
“Thanks to the person who found my keys and handed them in at The Lodge, and to the waitress who called to let us know!”

“A big Thank you to Tony from Riverview Deli – I had forgotten my purse and had already ordered some coffee and cakes to take to a morning tea – he said don’t worry about it pay him next time.”

“Lost one very cute bunny.  A family took the time to contact In the Cove and the bunny (who was named fluffy) was reunited with his family within two hours.”


Now every day in Lane Cove there are so many great community organisations doing things for others and raising money and we love to feature them on In the Cove.  The Pay it Forward day would be just about encouraging all Lane Cove People to just do one nice thing for someone they don’t know.  If you like this idea let us know in the comments below.


  1. I was a Pay it forward recipient . . . walked into a cafe ordered a tea and was told it was paid by the person who bought a coffee before me. So now and then I do the same! Lane Cove Pay it forward day . . . Love it!!

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