Light Up Lane Cove Winners – Christmas Lights

Congratulations to all the wonderful people who have decorated their homes for Christmas.  You have put a smile on people’s faces.  There are some wonderful lights all over Lane Cove (which includes all the suburbs in the Lane Cove Council district).   Here is the list of the winners of the Lane Cove Council Christmas Lights Comp (kindly sponsored by Tavis Standen from Ray White Lane Cove).


Christmas in Lane Cove


Here are some of the prize winners homes (we will try and update the blog with the other prize winners later on in the week)

Best Home Winner and Second Prize in People’s Choice – 15 Barina Road Riverveiw



Second Prize 11 Sutherland Street Lane Cove




People Choice Award 7 Kinggslanely St Greenwich Photo Credit Kris Egan
People Choice Award 7 Kinggslanely St Greenwich Photo Credit Kris Egan




86 Tambourine Bay Road C8
3rd Place Peoples Choice Award 86 Tambourine Bay Road Photo Image Kris Eg

Best Street (for a second year in a row Sutherland Street)

DSC_0728 DSC_0726 DSC_0722


Newcomer Award

22A Kingslangley E1
Newcomer Award 22A Kingslangley Str Greenwich Photo Image – Kris Egan


ITC has decided that there should be an award  called The ITC Keep Up the Good Work Award (and they win a Lane Cove Tea Towel).  The winner is the following house that does a great job at Christmas and at Halloween (and I even think they give Australia Day a good go).  You can see this house from River Road – please let them know they have won the ITC award.

2 Yallambee Riverveiw - Keep Up the Good Work Award Photo Credit Kris Egan




Here is the latest map of the Christmas Lights


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