A Very Puppy Christmas!!!

Are you one of the many parents who have finally succumbed to owning a dog?   ITC’s research in Lane Cove has found that the average age a child finally manages to persuade a parent to buy a dog is around 10 years old. This is after nagging their parents for at least three years. (okay so the research was based on a sample of five families – but it is still research!!). This is exactly what happened in the ITC household. Miss ITC was ten and all she wanted was a puppy. So we dutifully agreed and purchased Buddy our golden retriever. Mr ITC grew up on a farm so for Mr ITC dogs are to be kept outside at all times and must be trained. *

The first thing we did was look for a good dog trainer and we found one!! Sue Dingwall operates Ellie Dog and she holds dog-training lessons at the Figtree Vet Clinic in Lane Cove West. We were blown away with Sue’s knowledge about dogs.

So who is Sue Dingwall and why has she called her company Ellie Dog?  ITC sat down with Sue to find out more.

Why is your dog training company/puppy school called Ellie Dog?

Ellie is my yellow Labrador, when my nephew first me her he named her Ellie Dog and the name stuck.


Why did you become a dog trainer?

Just like you, I need a dog trainer when Ellie arrived. I met an excellent trainer who inspired me. I went back to school and became a dog trainer.   For those of you who like qualifications – here we go:

  • Cert VI Companion Animal Trainer – Delta Society Australia
  • Member of Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association
  • Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia and USA – Attended annual Australian conference 2008-2013
  • Karen Prior Clicker Expo graduate Jan 2014
  • Australia Veterinary Association Seminar– Professor Susan Friedman
  • Australia Veterinary Association Conference 2012 – Dr Debra Horwitz
  • Australia Veterinary Association Seminar– Professor Ray Coppinger
  • PetTech – First Aid for Pets

What is your training method?

I use positive training; which means I make it fun, friendly and humane for your dog and easy for you to train all those behaviours you need to make your relationship work. We encourage all members of the family to come along and train with us (kids are more than welcome). As a member of the Delta Professional Dog Training association, I am required to undertake continuing education courses (so I am always up to date on the latest techniques).

When should a dog start puppy training?

A puppy should start training after their first vaccination at 8 weeks. We say the soon the better. The puppies are kept inside and we have a maximum of six puppies per class. We have classes through December and January so that you can start training with your puppy as soon as you can.  The ITC family can attest to the fact that the dog (and family learns so much).  We took great pride when our dog graduated – just like these cute ones!!

A Very Proud (and so cute) Graduate


What do you learn in puppy school? 

Our puppy class is a real life programme, so your puppy is learning all the important things they need to know in their first few weeks and months. Ideally suited for puppies aged 8-14wks, there is no need to wait for the next course. You can start any time with an orientation class and then join in the real life programme for 5 consecutive weeks. Here is a rundown of the programme:

Orientation class

All the important stuff! Toilet training, puppy biting, management in the home.

Visiting the vet

  • Arriving and waiting, how to stay calm and relaxed… both you and the puppy!
  • Teach your puppy to like being handled

 Going to the Groomers

  • Travelling in the car (getting in and out of the car!!)
  • Brushing and nail clipping

Boredom Busters

  • How to keep your puppy entertained,
  • Teaching your puppy to be “ok” on their own

Visitors to your home

  • How to stop the puppy from jumping up
  • Staying calm when it’s so exciting meeting people

Walking and visiting the park

  • How to socialise your puppy… what does this really mean?
  • Friendly play, what does it look like,
  • Coming back when called.


For the older dog – Life Skills Dog Classes (Maximum 4 dogs per class)

Ellie dog life skills class is ideal for dogs aged 5 mths–2years, to train your dog with the skills they need to live happily at home and in the community. The early work you put in to training your dog gives real benefits for the rest of their life.

Your dog is a sponge for learning in their early years, they work out very quickly what works for them; however this might not be right for you! This class will show you what to do and how to do it.

So what is covered in this class?

  • How to stay calm around other dogs or people
  • Home alone – how to keep your dog happy and entertained
  • Walking on a loose leash down the street
  • Come back when called in the park or at home
  • Sit stay, even when excited
  • How to settle at home
  • How to give things back
  • Leave items when asked… even food!
  • How your dog learns behaviours


When the ITC family trained with you, we purchased some really great dog products. Where do you sell these?

Master Dog Trainer Sue Dingwall with her Gracie’s Goodies Dog Packs that will be available soon

Our products are all available for sale online. Our best seller is the harness (which Mr Doggy ITC has). We also sell online treats and we have gift bags for your dog. We are also just about to launch Gracie Goodies (named after another of my dogs). Gracie Goodies will be the place to buy your dog a present and some great snacks.

However Ellie Dog has some great Dog Christmas gifts on our Ellie Dog site.

The harness that Mr Doggy ITC uses and it works well
The harness that Mr Doggy ITC uses and it works well

You can buy the no pull harness online here



Dog Chew Sticks – Mr Doggy ITC loved them



Mr Doggy ITC loved these chews and we found they kept him busy during his naughty puppy digging stage (which he is now over yippee) – you can buy them online here

Some more graduation shots – because they are just so darn cute!!!!!








Contact Details

Phone: 0422 844 239
Web:  www.elliedog.com.au
Email Address: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elliedog2014


* Mr Doggy ITC now has run of the house and his favourite person is Mr ITC who lets him cuddle with him on the couch.   Evidence of behaviour below – please note Mr ITC face has been cut from the picture (just like Rob the Dentist he does not show his face)


outside dog


This is a sponsored blog (to keep Mr ITC happy). ITC prides itself on only recommending services they would use or supporting start-up business and community events (which are always free to list on ITC). Thank you for supporting ITC.


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