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If you asked Mr ITC to describe my personality, he would say I was an A type prone to stress.  He would be correct.  I do stress very easily and my stress coping mechanisms are not good (i.e chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate).  If I am stressed, I struggle to sleep and that only makes me more stressed and grumpy.  I was therefore very interested to find out about an upcoming seminar from Chiropractic Central on stress and ways to cope with stress.

stress workshop

Dr Sarah McNeil from Chiropractic Central has been a long time supporter of In the Cove.  Chiropractic Central has an holistic approach to helping people.  They have in place an active programme of seminars designed to provide people with strategies to avoid them from getting into a crisis state and in pain.   They are a family wellness centre providing evidence-based, holistic care for your mind, body and spirit. They specialise in wellness modalities including corrective chiropractic, core strength, spinal hygiene exercise, wellness nutrition and emotional intelligence.  They want to empower people with healthy choices and a good posture!!!!!  Chiropractic Central is located in Lane Cove West on Burns Bay Road (and parking is easy – so that is one less thing to stress you).

Chiropractic Central Dr McNeil
Dr Sarah McNeil from Chiropractic Central

Sarah has put together some really well respected and interesting speakers for the seminar.  Here is a rundown of what you will learn:

Dr. Sarah MacNeil (Chiropractor) – The Stress Response

  •  What is the stress response?
  •  How does stress affect our health?
  •  Top 10 practical strategies to implement daily to decrease stress

Fiorella Kis-Major (Yoga and meditation teacher) – Stress and Breathing

  • Stress and breathing
  • Explaining meditation techniques to counteract stresses
  • Taking everyone through a guided meditation

Olivia   (Naturopath) – The role of nutrition in stress

  • The role of nutrition in stress
  • What foods can increase stress
  • How to naturally counteract stresses on the body
  • A little nutritional surprise for everyone to decrease stress

    Nutrition and Stress
    Nutrition and Stress

Shona Lee (Remedial Massage therapist) – Where you are stressed where does your body hold tension?

  • Understanding physical, chemical and emotional stress
  • Self massage techniques to decrease stress
  • Stress and Meditation Workshop

ITC will be attending (much to Mr ITC’s relief) and I would love to see you there.

Massage and Stress
Massage and Stress

Workshop Details

Tuesday 5th May at 6pm

At Chiropractic Central: Suite D 161 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove

Contact Tara on 9418 9031 or [email protected] to book your spot. Space is limited.

Tel: +61 (02) 9418 9031
Fax: +61 (02) 9418 6330


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