Sunday Coffee Sipping in Lane Cove

ITC woke up today to a beautiful blue sky and birds chirping away.  Inspired by the surroundings, I decided that I would ditch the Weet-Bix and have brunch in Lane Cove with some friends.  We decided to go to Aristocrat for old time sake (and to have scrambled eggs).

Lane Cove was pumping and the coffee shops were packed.  So ITC set herself the task of swinging by every Coffee Shop in the Lane Cove Village and taking a snap of each coffee shop.  So are you ready for a virtual tour of all the coffee shops in the Lane Cove village?

Lodge Tapas Lane Cove


The Cake Man Lane Cove

The Cake Man Lane Cove

Unwined Bar (also know as Fusion Coffee during the day)

Unwined and fusion

La Provence

la provence

Sircus Cafe (in the mall across from Coles)

Pottery Green (Longueville Road)

pottery green
Ground Cafe (the coffee shop near the Library)

Ground Cafe

Cafe Zivelli (Longueville Road and in winter they always have the burners going)


Pablo & Rustys Lane Cove 

pablo and rustys

Aristocrat (sorry took a picture of my scrambled eggs and not the patrons)


Zest (Longueville Road)


Meno Dicotto Gelateria  (sorry got so sidetracked by the yummy sweets and gelato that forgot to snap coffee)

Meno 18

[confession time – the last two pictures were not taken today – Mr ITC wanted to do the grocery shopping!! – so sorry guys]

One Seed Patisserie (opposite the library on Longueville Road)


Gelatissimo (yes they do coffee as well as yummy gelato)


We would have loved to have featured  Story but alas, they do not open on Sunday.    ITC calls it the laneway coffee shop (would not be out of place in Melbourne).  However it’s hard to find, so here is a map one of their customers made for a friend (image from Story Facebook page)


We have now finished our virtual tour.  Please remain seated until you have read the last comment!!

Did I miss a coffee shop in the village?  ITC has a funny feeling that she may be like an actor accepting an Academy Award, there is always somebody you forget to thank.

What is your favourite coffee shop in Lane Cove and why?