6 Time Saving Tips for Lane Cove Residents

Are you time poor?  Do you want to stop rushing around and spend more time doing the important things at home (like spending time with your loved ones)? Perhaps for some reason you may not be able to leave the house (young children, or recuperating from an illness or operation).  In the Cove has six tips that might make your life a tiny bit easier.

  1. Have Your Fruit and Vegetables Home DeliveredLime Leaf Fruit Market has now started home delivery. If you live in the Lane Cove council area or Hunters Hill Lime Leaf will deliver to your door on Thursdays and Fridays. You can either pop in and buy the veggies and then have them delivered or just order over the phone. Delivery is free (if you order more than $30 worth of fruit and veggies).  If you would like to know more about Lime Leaf Fruit Market read our blog here.Check out their Facebook page for some great ways to cook fresh vegetables.11201605_570666543073158_2975497068024002080_n
    Here is one of their recipes which is perfect on a rainy evening.

    Minestrone Soup Lime Leaf Style

    Dried balotti beans soaked and cooked for a few hours with vegetable stock. Chopped up celery , carrot, leek, continental parsley, fresh garlic, tomato paste, and olive oil. Simmer until vegetables are cooked then add the pasta. You can put in as much or a little as you like of each ingredient.

    Lime Leaf Fruit Market
    Location: Under Coles Shop 6 56 – 60 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove NSW
    Facebook: Lime Leaf Fruit Market
    Phone: 0488 704 708 or 9428 1733

    lime leaf11057777_574672366005909_7296058459040204764_n

  2. Have your Meat Home DeliveredGrassland Butchers (the butcher in the IGA Express aka Agora) and Hummerstons both offer free home delivery.
  3. Have Your Tyres Changed at Home

    Picture this, you have only a few days left to obtain your pink slip and register your car for the year. You have a feeling your tyres might need to be changed before you pass your pink slip test. You don’t really want to wait around at a tyre place and take time off work to get your tyres replaced.If that is a scenario you know well, we have the solution for you: and a solution that the ITC family has used with great success. Road Runner Mobile Tyre Service comes to your house 7 days a week (yes that is correct even on a Sunday). to change and balance your tyres.  Yes, they do charge a small call out fee, but there tyre prices ares very competitive and on a par with the big boys (ITC knows as she checked the prices to compare the prices charged by Road Runner).601230_542489125794070_1829980262_nRoad Runner is the brainchild of Steve McCartney and John Shim. The idea came to Steve as he was waiting to get his tyres changed.   He was sitting in a waiting room for a few hours on uncomfortable plastic seats drinking bad coffee, when a light bulb moment occurred.  Why should people wait around, when you could have tyres changed at your house.The service is great. They came when they said they would come. New tyres were put on the car without leaving home. On In the Cove Facebook page, a few people have complained that they have recently found a nail in a tyre (coincidence or not that there has been an huge increase in building works!!).  Road Runner can also help you  with that problem.


    Website:  www.roadrunnermobiletyres.com.au
    Facebook:  Road Runner Mobile Tyres
    Phone:  1800 786 637
    Head Office:  Unit 14/85 Mars Road Lane Cove West


  4. Have your Hair Done at Home  – Fiona is on maternity leaveIf you are house bound, for any reason, or you want to multi task while your hair is being done (you can do quite a bit between applying foils and having them removed).  Recently a friend of ITC was house bound due to a sporting mishap and she had Haircraft Mobile Salon come over and do her hair.  You know what they say – a hairdressing appointment is better than therapy.Haircraft Mobile Salon may be a service that you might like to try, to find out more read our blog hereContact Details
    Phone;  0415854367
    Email:  [email protected]
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/haircraftmobilesalon


  5. Have a Manicure/Pedicure at HomeIf you like having your nails done and want to save time, have a manicure/pedicure at home with Nails by Kel – the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about wrecking your nails while you are driving home after a manicure/pedicure appointment.Website:   Nails by Kel
    Facebook:  Nails by Kel
    Phone: 0424 563 3721508002_956732547724457_8969364146500185414_n11426611_10207474533970926_440208035_n
  6. Greenwich Post OfficeIf you don’t like standing in line at the Lane Cove post office waiting to pay bills,  buy stamps or apply for a passport , then you need to know about the Greenwich Post Office. They are also open on Saturday Mornings – which means you don’t have to take time off work to process a passport application. If you also want another alternative, the Hunters Hill post office is also quieter.If you would like to win a pampering session by Nails by Kel, all you have to do is comment in the comments section below (in 25 words or less) which tip above is your favourite tip and why.  Competition closes on 30 July 2015

This is a sponsored blog by Lime Leaf Fruit Market (to keep Mr ITC happy). ITC prides itself on only recommending services they would use or supporting start-up business and community events (which are always free to list on ITC). Thank you for supporting ITC.

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  1. Tip #6! With a new baby it’s impossible to get my nails done. I can’t wait to have her over for a mani pedi asap!

  2. Number 5!

    Most people (especially us girls) forget just how time consuming it is get our hair done! You can also arrange for friends to have theirs cut as well!

  3. Lime Leaf deliver! Fantastic! I can get my fruit and vegetables to my door and support a wonderful local business. That is the best tip!

  4. No. 1!!

    Beyond happy to find out that Lime Leaf does the delivery. I’m always packed with veggies after shopping there and it really is hard to carry it home.