The A–Z of Lane Cove – B is for Books!

If you are newish to Lane Cove, you may not yet have discovered the independently owned bookshop located on Burns Bay Road, between La Provence Patisserie and Coles.

It used to be known as Moir’s Books, and was owned by the Moir family for almost 30 years. In 2013, it was sold, and became ‘Lane Cove Books’ (LCB).

Pop your head inside LCB, and you will be drawn in by the different styles of book displays, giving you the feeling it isn’t just another stuffy bookshop.

Along with books, LCB has a good range of gifts for all ages, and some lovely cards and wrapping paper. At the rear of the store is the kids section, and there is a small table with a cute Maisy Mouse pop-up book/house, to amuse the little ones while you have a browse.

Located just up the road from Lane Cove Books, is Dymocks, which most of you would be familiar with. ITC recently read that the Lane Cove branch of Dymocks is independently owned, but uses their franchise connections to ensure competitive prices for its customers.

Over to you – Tell us, do you still like browsing in book shops in the age of Internet shopping?!


  1. We love books!
    Whether we order online or browse through the books at Kane Cove Dymocks.
    Ebooks are just not the same.
    They are too heavy and slippery for one thing and in love the feel of paper.
    It’s a totally different experience for the eyes.
    We have tonnes of books at home.
    It encourages the kids to read because they can see all the different books with their inviting covers.
    Our four boys all love to read!
    There is something magical about a bookshop with shelves full of stories…