Reggie Reunited – It Takes A Village To Find a Bird (in this case Lane Cove Village) – Random Acts of Kindness

Since starting ITC there have been some incredible highlights.  I have met new people, found new shops and discovered so much more about the community I have lived in for years.  However one thing that has constantly blown me away, is the kindness of the Lane Cove community.  It seems like every day I hear or see a new act of kindness from our community.  We regularly receive reports of people doing something a little bit extra to help someone out.


So how does a blog post about a lost birdie, show the kindness of strangers….read on to find out:

The Story of Reggie Reunited.

Reggie is a bird with a past.  Two years ago he flew into a house in Riverview.  He is not microchipped.  The owner contacts In The Cove and asks them to find the owner.  Alas, the owner cannot be found, so the beautiful family of five boys take Reggie under their wing (no pun intended..okay yes the pun was intended).  The boys fall in love with Reggie (particularly the littlest one).  Recently, Reggie escaped.  He is lucky, he flies into Susan’s house (across the river in Longuevile). Susan and her husband immediately start looking after him.  Susan takes Reggie to Riverview Veterinary Hospital  to see if they know anything about him or can help find an owner.  As Susan is speaking to the Vet, enter stage right, Nellie.  Nellie is a big fan of ITC and she immediatley arranges for ITC to post Reggie as missing.  Sharna (the mum of the five boys) sees the lost notice about Reggie on ITC and sends a message to ITC.  The Riveview Veterinary Hospital gets permission to hand out Susan’s address.  Sharna and the boys pick up Reggie from Longueville (where he has been lovingly looked after).

Sharna writes to ITC and asks for the following to be published.

“What a miracle we have Reggie back in our lives and we have ‘In the Cove’ to thank. I thought we would never see him again but because he is such a smart and clever bird he flew to Susan’s house in Longueville where she took such beautiful care of him until we were able to come and collect him. Thank you so much In the Cove and of course the beautiful Susan for allowing us to be reunited with Reggie. As you can see Jack & Reggie are making up for lost time. Here is a photo of them sharing their breakfast together. Jack was so over he moon to have Reggie home, I let him have the day off school……ssssh don’t tell anyone !! I count my blessings every day to live in such an awesome community such as Lane Cove.”

jack and reggie


The story of Reggie is just one random act of kindness. We have started a feature on ITC called Make My Monday.  This is a feature where we surprise and reward a Lane Cove person for their good deeds.  We are lucky enough to be able to reward them with a take home pack of ice cream provided by Gelatissimo.  Our first recipient was Tristin (who recently was awarded the Lane Cove Council’s young achiever award).  Tristin and his mum Liz are tireless fund raisers for the Westmead Hospital and for helping out his mate.


If you know someone who should receive a gift for being a great Lane Cove resident please email us at [email protected]

Some other random acts of kindness:

The MIssing Credit Card

Louise finds a credit card on the floor of the Woolworths carpark and hands it into the desk at Woolworths.  Louise then contacts ITC and requests a post.  Holly sees the post and thinks the name sounds familiar.  Holly works in a doctor’s practice and thinks the name sounds familiar.  She rings the cardholder and leaves a message on their answering machine about the lost card.  Not satisfied with this, she stops on the way home and knocks on the cardholder’s door.  The cardholder is still not home.  She leaves a message to let her know the situation.  The cardholder calls her and thanks her so much.  She tells her how relieved she is to have the credit card back.

Oliver and His Omelette Making Mummy

Around Mother’s Day Lane Cove schools go into major production mode where they make hand made gifts for their student’s mums to treasure.  This year little Oliver had made a calico bag and was to give it to his mum on Mother’s Day. Alas,  Emily found the little present on the floor at Woolies and handed it in.  She then contacted ITC.   The post said:

“Hi ITC, i was just in Woollies and found a calico bag rolled up with a red heart Mother’s Day card attached. Card was from Oliver 2015 to his Mummy. He loved her as she makes him omelettes. I handed it to the kiosk desk in the hope the family would come back to get it. I thought letting you know may also help to reunite Oliver and his Mummy with the beautiful bag. Thanks, Emily”

Mark saw the post and went into investigation mode and found out who the Omelette making mummy was, he went to Woolies but  they could not find the bag.  He then contacted ITC and asked if Emily could remember the name of the Woolies employee who took the bag.  Emily went one step further and asked Woolies to look at their CCTV to find out where the bag was stored.  Unfortunately it was  not found, however the kindest of strangers still prevails.

We have so many other stories where we have reunited pets, keys, beloved stuffed toys, and other acts of kindness (including the lovely Carlo from Carlos, where Via Napoli now is, who paid for ITC’s coffee without her knowing about it.

The next step ITC would like to take is to crowdfund a Lost and Found shop in Lane Cove (there is no place in the village for people to return lost items since the Police Station closed).  The shop would also be a place to store parcels when shopping and also an information hub and may be even a place where local coffee shops can deliver coffee and people can have a chin wag and meet the neighbours.  This is a pipe dream (but if anyone knows a premises in the village that would be suitable and we could look at a reduced rent let us know).

So thank you Lane Cove for your acts of kindness – they are so appreciated.


  1. Having recently moved to the area, I have been absolutely astounded by the welcoming people in Lane Cove. The kids are enjoying their new schools and the community just seem so friendly and connected – as a photographer and videographer, I’m looking forward to sharing some great footage with the wider world.