The A–Z of Lane Cove – C is for Chargrill Charlies Fries

chargrill charlies

If you are reading this, and thinking why on earth anyone would dedicate a blog post to fries, then you obviously haven’t tried the ones from Chargrill Charlies yet!

Actually, better you don’t try them, cause they are addictive, and you may find yourself craving them whenever you are up at the plaza, or really, whenever the F word (fries, that is!) is mentioned (guilty as charged).


But wait, it’s not all about the fries – they also do very tasty chicken – both BBQ and Portuguese, along with daily specials, heaps of vegetable options, and a tempting array of beautifully presented salads.

And make sure you pick up one of Chargrill Charlies loyalty cards too.

Oh, and C is also for Coffee, and we all know how much we love that ITC!!

Chargrill Charlies is located on Lane Cove Plaza, and is open 7 days a week.

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