The A-Z of Lane Cove – I is for (Mrs) ITC! – PART TWO

Time for Part Two of our interview with Mrs ITC! If you missed Part One, you can read it here.

what happens in the cove

So, back to our chat with the locally obsessed, fabulously connected and all-round great gal, Mrs ITC (aka Jacky!)

11. Have you ever considered franchising the ITC concept to other suburbs?

I have been in touch with a few other suburbs where I have offered to help them with a local facebook page and offered my services for free.  However one thing I have learned since starting this page is that you really do have to eat, live, breath and visit your suburb daily.  I think ITC only works because people know I am out there asking questions, seeking information and have my camera at the ready everyday. There are several large websites where they are looking to have people join neighbourhood groups, but I think ITC works as it is so easy to post a comment about Lane Cove on the Facebook site. I do hope one day to help other suburbs create a great community resource (whether it is franchised or not remains to be seen)

12. Why does Mr ITC never show his face?

Mr ITC is not really a big Facebook fan.  Also when growing up I always thought that Rob the Dentist (who never showed his face) was very sexy and I felt Mr ITC could have that same appeal (if you only saw part of him). Recently I outed him on a blog and showed his face.  Do you know which blog that was?

13. What could Lane Cove do better?
Have a look at our recent survey results and you can see what people want around Lane Cove.

14. Do your family ever complain you spend too much time looking at your phone/tablet/computer?

Yes they do complain, and I have to be careful to have some down time.  Of course just as I put the phone down, I will be sent a message or Email with some important stuff.  I went to New York for a big birthday and the phone went off in the middle of the night.  It was the day of the awful gas explosion in Lane Cove and I was not there to record it.  However ITC’s roving reporters did not let me down (they never do).

15. What impact do YOU want to have on Lane Cove?

I really want to foster a fabulous neighbourhood spirit where we all look after each other.  I want us to know our neighbours and care about them.  It really does take a village to raise a child.  I would like a vibrant plaza with a wide variety of shops.  I also want new people to our community to feel at home. That is why I have put together a welcome walking tour of Lane Cove. If you know anyone interested in a guided tour please Email me here.  I also want to introduce a bake your neighbour a cake day in Lane Cove – an excuse to knock on their door and say hi.  I remember when we moved into our house our lovely neighbour knocked on the door with a cake and it just made us feel so welcome.

16. What is your favourite part of Lane Cove?

That is a toss up.  I love going up to the Plaza as I always run into someone I know and there is great coffee.  I also love swimming at the pool and taking Mr Doggy ITC for walks where he can go off the lead.

17. How many times have you been on TV?

I have been on TV four times. I am a trivia nut. I have been on Sale of the Century, Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire Host Seat and I did a segment on the Morning Show.

18. Beer, wine or spirits?

None. I love a good mocktail. I don’t drink and that means that Mr ITC and I never have to have a fight about who is driving home. I am always the designated driver.

19. If you weren’t Mrs ITC, you would be…… ?

A sports journalist. I love all sports and I love watching all sports.

20. Describe your perfect day ‘in the cove’

I start the morning with a coffee at one of the cafes with some good friends, the sun in shining and the sky is blue.  Around school pick up I wait for Ms ITC to get the bus to Lane Cove where she has a gelato as a treat. In the evening I take the dog for walk and bump into more people I know. We then go out for dinner and bump into more people we know. Do you see a theme??


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