Lane Cove Survey – We love The Plaza, We are Neighbourly and We want more parking

Thank you to everyone who answered our Lane Cove Survey.  The results are in.

Your top five shops in Lane Cove (not being a cafe) are:

  1. Zjoosh;
  2. Kidstuff;
  3. Thomas Dux;
  4. Chargrill Charlies;
  5. Found Homewares;

We are not suprised the Zjoosh is your favourite shop (and it was by far the most popular).  You could not move in Zjoosh on Mother’s Day.  Zjoosh is a concept developed in Lane Cove by Lane Cove residents.  It is the perfect place to buy a present at an affordable price.  Read our blog about its founder Kellie Rigney here.   You can also buy online – so if you want to recommend the store to your friends who do not live in Lane Cove then give them details of the website –


What if your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

The top four places were:

  1. The Plaza;
  2. The Library;
  3. Blackman’s Park;
  4. The Pool;


If you could tell the Lane Cove Council one thing what would it be?

Well the responses to this one were not a suprise.

  1. Parking, Parking Parking and more parking (with a big nod to the dreaded boomgate at Lane Cove Market Square);
  2. No more development.  No more high rises.  We need better infrastructure (buses and school and Lane Cove Council needs to work with the State government on these issues)
  3. Traffic congestion – in particular the new traffic problem of the lights at Rosenthal Avenue and Longueville Road (see the picture below and the line up of cars at 8 AM last week);
  4. Better traffic control at the Austin Street and Longueville Road right hand turn (have a right hand turn arrow)


What is you favourite coffee shop in Lane Cove

The top five were:

  1. Pablo and Rustys;  (P and R only beat Story by about 1%)
  2. Story;
  3. The Cake Man;
  4. The Lodge; and
  5. Pottery Greenpablo_hero

Why do you like living in Lane Cove?

I was surprised by the results of this one.  I felt for sure the top answer would be the village atmosphere or the leafy streets.  The top four answers were:

  1. Close to City;
  2. Sense of Community;
  3. Family Friendly;
  4. Village Atmosphere.

How many of your neighbours do you know?

It turns out we are a neighbourly bunch and we do know our neighbours.

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Do you own a cat or a dog?

85% of respondents said they owned a cat or a dog.  We do really like our pets in Lane Cove.


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