Gluten Free Sweet Treats in Lane Cove

I don’t know about you, but here at ITC Headquarters we suffer from that fairly common, yet waist-expanding ailment, a sweet tooth!  And we are really spoilt for choice in Lane Cove – with multiple bakeries and cafes keeping us happily sugared up. But what about our coeliac and gluten intolerant friends out there? ITC went on a secret mission to see what gluten free (GF) treats are available in Lane Cove. In no particular order, here are a selection of the GF cakes we sampled, available from local businesses.

1. Caramel Slice – Pablo & Rusty’s Wow, this was yum. A coeliac friend had mentioned that P&R sold a pretty good GF caramel slice, but whenever ITC stopped by, they had none available. Finally one day, there they were. Quickly purchased, fairly quickly devoured. Been dreaming about them ever since.

Gluten Free Caramel Slice from Pablo & Rusty's in Lane Cove

2. Raspberry Cupcakes & Vanilla Cupcakes – Story Espresso

Yep, Story not only serve up excellent coffee, but they stock these deliciously moist, ‘I can’t believe they are gluten free’ cupcakes. We couldn’t choose between these two – the raspberry ones are a bit lighter and ‘healthier’ tasting, while the vanilla ones (with an ‘S’ for Story on the top!), are dense but still moist and moreish.

Gluten Free Cupcakes at Story Espresso in Lane Cove 3. Chocolate Muffin – Lodge Tapas

These muffins may be GF, but definitely not low-calorie. They are pretty evil (in a good way!) and not for the faint hearted. I dare you to eat a whole one, in one sitting. If you want something a bit more virtuous, Lodge also have a range of ‘raw food’ style GF treats. Most are dairy and egg free too, and just as delicious as that killer muffin.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake from Lodge Lane Cove 4. Lemon & Raspberry Macaroon – La Provence Patisserie

When ITC popped into La Provence Patisserie to check out their GF offerings, our eyes were drawn to the Lemon & Raspberry Macaroon. It consists of a rich, thick lemony cream, which is studded with fresh raspberries, and sandwiched between crunchy meringuey discs. Share it with a friend.

Lemon & Raspberry Macaroon from La Provence Patisserie in Lane Cove 5. Mini Blueberry, Orange & Almond Cake – The Cake Man

One can always rely on The Cake Man to help with the mid-morning sugar craving, even more so now that their range of GF options is growing. On our last visit, we tried the Mini Blueberry, Orange & Almond Cake. It might be on the small side, but it made up for it in flavour. The almond based cake was very moist, with sticky orange, and fresh blueberries.

Mini Blueberry, Orange & Almond Cake from The Cake Man in Lane Cove 6. Chocolate Brownie – One Seed Patisseries

Let’s cut to the chase – who doesn’t love a brownie?! Do you like them gooey, or cakey, or crunchy on the top, or just in your belly? Next time you pop into One Seed Patisseries for a coffee, or one of their award winning sausage rolls, grab one of their GF brownies. They are crunchy on the top, and a bit fudgy in the middle. Yum.

Chocolate Brownie from One Seed Patisseries in Lane Cove Right, that’s enough cake for us this week. What about you – which Lane Cove based GF treats do you rate? ps. Just noticed a sign in Cafe Zivelli’s window saying they now have a selection of GF treats too

This blog was written by ITC’s wonderful intern Sue Manning – say hello to her when you next see her up in Lane Cove snapping pictures and secretly eating cakes, soups or our an undisclosed food for our next secret mission.  🙂


  1. The Lemon & Raspberry Macaroon Cake from La Provence Patisserie are to die for. I have often bought the whole cake version for special occasions (my bestie is coeliac) and there are no complaints from anyone!! Delicious!!

  2. ITC you make me want to never leave the Cove! So many choices… newly GF I am big fan of the caramel slice at Lodge m’self…