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In the Cove is committed to informing you about Lane Cove so you can shop local. We thought we would give you some Lane Cove tips to make your life a bit easier.


Bus Tickets

What happens if it is past six o’clock at night and you want to catch a bus and need a ticket, did you know that Thomas Dux and Woolworths Lane Cove also sell bus tickets???

bus ticketsWhere Can I get a passport photo taken in Lane Cove?

The obvious answer to this question, is the Lane Cove Post Office, but the queue can be quite long.  You can also have your photo taken by Lovely Photo Centre on Longueville Road.  The owner cuts the photos for you (because if the size is wrong, the post office will reject them).  Lovely Photo Centre is located at Shop 5, 91-93 Longueville Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066. You can contact them on (02) 9418 9066.

You may also want to visit Greenwich Post Office (which is open on a Saturday morning) or the Hunters Hill Post Office (they are both have very small queues).


Where can I buy Helium Balloons in Lane Cove?

The only place that sells Helium Balloons in Lane Cove is The Spotted Orchid (the flower shop across the road from the Post Office)


Where can I get knives sharpened in Lane Cove?

There is a knife sharpener located at Clapham’s Antiques. For years, this shop, had out the front a life size Native American figure or an Elvis Figure – that was our landmark.  ITC recently noticed a sign  offering furniture repairs and knife sharpening.

Address:  246 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove
Phone:  (02) 9427 4805
Facebook:   Claphams

Be prepared and get those knives sharpened before the Christmas Season – you don’t want to hack away at the Christmas Ham – sharpen those knives now. Lane Cove Shoe Repairs also sharpens knives and is located behind Snowberry.

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Where do I find a South African Butcher in Lane Cove?

If you like South African sausages and other tasty delights then you need to go to Springbok Delights 656 Mowbray Road Lane Cove West.  South African style meat cuts and marinated products like Sosaties, Texan Steaks and of course Biltong and Boerewors.  To see their range just check out their website.

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How do I report a streetlight not working?

Ausgrid is responsible for street lights in the Lane Cove Council area (the exception to this is lights located on council land such as the Rosenthal Av Car Park).  To report a street light is not working just click on this link.  The site will even show you if a light has already been reported as not working.

How do I remove Graffiti?

The Lane Cove Council has in place a service where they will remove graffiti from business in Lane Cove Village and on council property.  However if private property has been vandalised by graffiti, the Lane Cove Council Website has the following tips:

If the graffiti is on private property, products and advice are available at hardware stores to remove graffiti. The quicker that the graffiti is removed, the easier it is to remove. The NSW Government website has suggestions for removing graffiti from your property – with recommendations for removal from painted surfaces, bare or raw surfaces and from glass and synthetics. In addition to prevent Graffiti you may wish to consider using appropriate plants which cover areas to minimise the opportunity for Graffiti.

A copy of Council’s Graffiti Register for 2010/11 as required under Section 13 of the NSW Graffiti Control Act 2008 can be viewed here.

Council does not recommend any individual business, the following graffiti removal companies can be contacted:

  • Jetmaster Cleaning – 0411 120150

  • Hydra-Wash – 9773 4333

  • Graffiti Removal Co – 9519 9374

  • The Graffiti Eaters – 1300 305 307

  • Graffiti Off – 0404 033 903

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