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As you may be aware In The Cove will soon be launching a website.  The website will be packed with community features and could only be possible with the support of our Foundation Sponsors.  One of our Foundation Sponsors is The Beautician at Lane Cove West.  Zena White is the owner of the Beautician and she will be our In the Cove beauty expert.

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Here are five top beauty tips:

What can you do to help reduce he appearance of wrinkles?

The sun is the worst factor in ageing, so always wear an SPF and hat when in the sun.

Exfoliate your face 2 x week, this removes dead skin cells and lets your moisturiser penetrate easier to do its job… Always use the right cleanser and moisturiser for your skin not the latest fad.

Keep hydrated… drink lots of water (1 litre to every 25kgs is a good rule)

We also stock the Sothys Anti-aging skincare range, which can be tailored to your skin condition – ask us next time you’re in for a facial!

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Do I need to change my skin routine during Winter?

Yes, you sure do, with a chill already in the air, your skin may be starting to feel tight and uncomfortable, looking dull and just plain tired. In winter our skin loses moisture due to the harsh elements (wind, cold, and indoor heating). See my tips below on how to get some extra moisture and life back into your skin during the Winter months:

1. Exfoliate 2 times a week to remove dry dead skin cells.
2. Switch to a hydrating moisture and booster serum – especially at night.
3. Use a hydrating mask once a week.
4. Drink lots of water you may not feel thirsty but your skin will be.

Things to avoid
1. Being in an overheated environment
2. Consuming to much coffee/tea/wine
3. Harsh foaming exfoliants which can strip moisture and cause irritation

We have a wonderful range of hydrating products from Sothys – complimentary samples of the Hydradvance range are waiting for you in the salon.

How do I avoid / get rid of ingrown hairs?

The most common cause of ingrown hairs is from shaving or waxing, it is when a hair is trapped under the skin and curls around – more common with people with dark strong hair.

To avoid ingrown hairs exfoliate the area 3 – 4 times a week eg – with a loofah in the show or bath, and moisturise daily morning and night. This will remove any dead dry skin cells and prepare and maintain the skin for the waxing or shaving… One final tip if you are going to shave use a sharp razor so not to use too much pressure and cut the hair from beneath the skin.

How do I make small eyes appear larger?

Avoid dark eye shadow colours on the eyes – dark colour recede in and make the eyes look smaller… Go for light colours.  A white or off white pencil on the bottom of the inner rim really makes your eyes stand out. Take it to the next level dab a little on the inner corner of your eye – this will make your eyes really pop…. Lastly give your eyelashes a good dose of mascara, always doing your lower lashes first, and wiggle the mascara brush to fully cover the lashes.
Practice, practice and you will nail it…

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Thin or bushy – what’s the latest trend for eyebrows?

Ladies – the thin brow of the 90’s is no longer is fashion! The latest trend is a thick, naturally arched brow, with the brow hair brushed upwards to look thicker and slightly mannish. Thin eyebrows can add years to your face, so try to keep your brows on the thicker side. Using a brow pencil lightly can help fill in gaps whilst you’re thickening up your brow or add a brow tint to your monthly routine. Just take a look at these celebs – they all look much better with thicker brows, so whether you’re more like Jen or Gwen – bushy is best for 2015!

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Once again a big thank you to Zena for being one of our Foundation Sponsors

Address:  Figtree Plaza Shop 4A 225 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove West
Phone:  02 9420 8880
Website:  www.thebeautician.net.au
Email:  [email protected]

Plenty of parking is always available in the carpark, directly behind the salon. The carpark is located on Johnston Lane and can be entered from Beatrice Street.