Lane Cove in Spring – Where is That?

Avid readers of our In the Cove Facebook site would know that one of our popular features is Where is Wednesday.  For the launch of our website, we asked local photographer Kylie Dunlop from Kylie Dunlop Photography to feature Lane Cove on a spring day. The aim was to show how beautiful and leafy Lane Cove is in Spring.  Kylie Dunlop accepted our challenge and took some stunning photos.  To find our more about Kylie and her amazing talent just click here.

If you would like to win a Lane Cove pack (which features a Lane Cove Tea Towel, Lane Cove Postcards, In the Cove Jelly Beans, and a few other surprises, valued at $75.00) all you need to do is name as many of the places featured as you can.  Be specific.  This is a game of skill not chance.  The competition will run until Sunday 30th October at 5.00 pm.  Put your answers in the comment section below.  So are you going to accept the challenge?  How much do you really know about Lane Cove? (and when we say Lane Cove we are referring to all the suburbs in the Lane Cove Council Area)  We have made it a bit harder for you as not all Lane Cove Suburbs have been featured.

Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5


Photo 6

photo2 Kylie Dunlop Photography 019

Photos 7

_ND35769 Kylie Dunlop Photography 029

Photo 8

_ND35763 Kylie Dunlop Photography 027

Photo 9

_ND35761 Kylie Dunlop Photography 026

Photo 10

_ND35775 Kylie Dunlop Photography 030

How many places can you name?  Impress us with your Lane Cove knowledge.

Kylie Dunlop has an ITC launch special for all ITC likers.