All I want for Christmas is a puppy – Lane Cove Dog Trainer Ellie Dog

Are you one of the many parents who will purchase a puppy for Christmas?   ITC’s extensive research in Lane Cove has found that the average age a child finally manages to persuade a parent to buy a dog is around 10 years old. A child will start nagging a parent about a puppy from about seven years of age. (okay so the research was based on a sample of five families – but it’s still research!!). This is exactly what happened in the ITC household. Miss ITC was ten and all she wanted was a puppy. So we dutifully agreed and purchased Buddy – our golden retriever. Mr ITC grew up on a farm. Mr ITC was very emphatic that our new dog was to be kept outside and must be trained. *

The first thing we did was look for a good dog trainer and we found one!! Sue Dingwall operates Ellie Dog and she holds dog-training lessons at the Figtree Vet Clinic in Lane Cove West. We were blown away with Sue’s knowledge about dogs.


The arrival of your new puppy can be a fun and exciting time, however they do bring their own unique challenges; such as toilet training, puppy biting, managing the puppy and small children.

At Ellie Dog they can help you get it right from the beginning, making the process as fun, positive and pain free as possible. They also make sure that all family members can be involved in the training.  The kids love to be involved (and you need to be there so that when the kids become teenagers you will be able to take over the walking, grooming and feeding of the dog – trust us it happens.  However by the time the kids have lost interest, the puppy is a beautifully trained dog who is part of the family and you could not imagine your life without them.

Lane Cove Dog Trainer Ellie Dog graduation

Ellie Dog offers two training options; either Puppy class or a private training programme tailored to your puppy’s individual needs.

Their puppy class are geared towards the urban family pet dog and the focus of the classes are to get your puppy ready for life in your world, (yes that does include the school run and coffee shop etiquette!).

Don’t worry if you have missed out on puppy training, Ellie Dog also offers training for dogs of all ages, including rescue dogs and those dogs that need a little extra help.

Finally if you would like to support a dog charity this Christmas, Sue Dingwall from Ellie Dog volunteers with two wonderful organisations that are very close to her heart.  Sue Dingwall is a 9/11 survivor and dogs have played a huge role in her life. She loves giving back to the community.

Sue works with Delta Therapy Dogs and Assistance Dogs Australia on a volunteer basis.

Delta Therapy Dogs  – visiting dogs who bringing a smile to the elderly and sick children

Assistance Dog Australia – service dogs to help those with physical and mental disabilities

Merry Christmas from Sue Dingwall at Ellie Dog (don’t forget to check out their online store and also Gracie’s Goodies).  You can read more about Ellie Dog and Gracie’s Goodies here.

* Mr Doggy ITC now has run of the house and his favourite person is Mr ITC who lets him cuddle with him on the couch.   Evidence of behaviour below – please note Mr ITC face has been cut from the picture (just like Rob the Dentist he does not show his face).  However he is well trained (thank you Ellie Dog).

outside dog

This is a sponsored blog (to keep Mr ITC happy). ITC prides itself on only recommending services they would use, and businesses they would visit. We also love supporting local start-up business, and community events (which are always free to list on ITC). However we can 100% honestly say the ITC family have used (way before ITC was a twinkle in my eye) Sue Dingwall and highly recommend Ellie Dog.

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