Seven Things To Do With a Lane Cove Tea Towel

In the Cove has a tea towel fixation and a Lane Cove fixation.  That is why we released the Lane Cove Tea Towel.

Gift It

The Lane Cove Tea Towel has become a hit. People are giving them as Secret Santa presents, going away presents, house warming presents, hostess gifts and just because.  The tea towels are easy to mail (yes there is still time) because they pack flat.

Frame It

Pop the Tea Towel into a frame for an instant decorator touch and pop of colour. Looks great in a kitchen or living area.  Cleopatras of Lane Cove framed their Lane Cove Tea Towel about two years ago and it looks great.

Lane Cove Tea Towel

Style It

Place the tea towel in the centre of a crisp white table cloth for extra festive cheer. Makes a great table or buffet runner.

Line It

The tea towels make a clever drawer liner. You decide the drawer that needs a bit of pizzaz and off you go. Nothing like a Lane Cove greeting as you open the drawer every day.

Photobooth It

Affix the Tea Towel to the wall and take happy snaps in front of it. Better than a GPS to position where you are. You can’t have too many Lane Cove Selfies – would they be called Covies???

Wrap With It

Wrap a bottle of wine with the Tea Towel – that way you are giving your host or hostess two gifts.

Dry With It

If all else fails you could actually use your tea towel to wipe the dishes. Though we recommend that you con someone else into drying up for you, keeping the tea towel free to be placed jauntily on the oven rail for display purposes only.

This year we released the Tea Towel in a beautiful blue colour – we were so close to the shade being the Pantone Colour of the Year!!!

Blue Lane Cove Tea Towel

The Tea Towels are currently available at the Cake Man Lane Cove or Burns Bay Bookery.  They come in red and blue.