Pretending to be a Florist – Floral Workshops are fun

Lane Cove Florist

I have always wanted to be a florist. When I was a high flying corporate lawyer I would sit at my desk, shuffling papers, attending to my paper cuts and dreaming about being surrounded by beautiful flowers.

I love flower shops. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by vibrant colours and to be able to smell the fragrance floating in the air. One day I would like to fill every room of my house with flowers.

After I quit my job as a lawyer I attended an 8-week floristry course, I realised quite quickly that being a florist was not just putting flowers in a vase, it required skill and dexterity (something I did not have). It also meant standing for long hours.

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a Pureflowers Workshop where we were taught how to make a beautiful floral crown.  I did worry about attending the workshop as I was a bit concerned that I may not possess the skills or the finesse to make a floral crown, but I was going to give it a red hot try.

Floral Crowns have made a big comeback, they are just not for flower girls.   Floral Crowns have been seen at music festivals, the races, and even high teas. They are a beautiful fresh girly accessory that makes a statement, and if you make it they are a one of a kind.

Lud and Elen from Pureflowers were very generous with their time and showed us in very simple steps how to make a beautiful floral crown.

pure flowers lane cove

This is what you need:

Floral Wire 
Green Floral Tape
Real Seasonal Flowers
Some Greenery for filling

Lane Cove Floristry workshop

Step One

Place the Floral Wire around your head and leave some extra wire so that you can make a hook clasp

Step Two

Select your flowers – go for a combination of small and large seasonal flowers and some nice greenery.  If you  only choose small flowers it does take a while to tape them to the wire. It is a good idea to choose some small and large flowers for variation (and it saves time).

Lane Cove Floristry workshop

Step Three

Once you have selected your flowers you need to cut them so that there is a little stem left on the flower. This stem is important as you will attach the flower to the wire by winding floral tape around the stem.

f course 4

Step Four

Wind the floral tape around the stem of a flower and then attach to the wire. I have always struggled with floral tape. I could never understand how it could stick to the flowers. Lud and Elen taught us a very neat trick. If you warm up the tape by rubbing it, the tape will stick better. They even said popping some into your bra kept the tape nice and warm (at last there was a good use for my front porch).

f course 2

Step Five

Keep applying flowers until the wire is completely covered.   The process was not difficult at all.

f course 6

Step Six

Place the crown on your head and make sure it fits nicely – you may have to do some adjustments to your loop.

f course 8

Step Seven

Wear your crown with pride. Lud and Ellen explained that if you keep the crown in the fridge with a wet paper towel on top it lasts for a few days.

My crown did last for a few days and I wore it out to a girl’s lunch.

A Floral Workshop is a fabulous way to spend some quality time with your gal pals. It’s great for a hen’s night or significant zero parties.


Flower Workshop Lane Cove

It is fun to pretend to be a florist for a few hours. I will definitely be signing up for another course this year.

Pure Flowers is a locally owned boutique florist in Sydney’s leafy green Lane Cove. We specialise in beautiful fresh floral designs, gift bouquets, wedding flowers, seasonal blooms and fruit & gift baskets to help you celebrate the important moments in your life.

3/23-25 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
9427 8214

In the Cove was a guest of Pureflowers.

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