Is this the most dangerous intersection in Lane Cove?

Longueville Road Lane Cove

ITC does not live far from the intersection at River Road West and Longueville Road and we regularly hear the screech of brakes.  We also regularly see the traffic light missing as it is knocked down (the one on the traffic island as you are heading north).  It really is a traffic black spot.  We would love to know if you think this is the most dangerous intersection in Lane Cove.

longueville road lane cove

Does anyone else find this intersection dangerous?  A roving reporter contacted us about an accident they were involved in last week at this intersection.  They advised:

Last Thursday I was involved in a car accident at the Blaxlands Corner intersection (By the Longueville Sporting Club). I was heading east from River Road West proceeding through a green light when a car heading north to Longueville Rd came through the red light and collided with me. Fortunately there were no injuries but both cars were badly damaged. The tow truck driver told me that he attended a similar accident only the previous Saturday. The other driver said he mistook the green filter left arrow to proceed straight ahead. It appears this is a notoriously bad intersection. I’ve written to the RMS and Lane Cove Council asking them to look at how to make this safer. Have not had a response yet.

What do you think?  Have you seen near misses at this corner? What other areas of Lane Cove are dangerous?

If you are concerned about this intersection you can contact the Executive Manager – Open Space and Urban Services, Peter Patterson is responsible for parks, bushland, sports grounds, roads, footpaths, drainage facilities, traffic management, and wharves and jetties. Contact: (02) 9911 3574

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  1. The other bad spot is the corner of Bridge St and River Road West – cars taking the corner way to fast. The amount of dings with cars skidding over the double white lines and hitting the on-coming traffic or the gutter, 180 or 360 car spins. This happens weekly. Not to mention over the years all the accidents that have had the fire brigade, police and ambulances out to deal with incidents.

  2. Hi ITC – I find the lights at the intersection of Mowbray Rd and Centennial Ave very dangerous. When turning left from Centennial to Mowbray, why does it give cars a green arrow when pedestrians crossing Mowbray also have a green walk sign? Surely cars would normally have a red arrow at other intersections when pedestrians cross? Also there should be an arrow turning right from Mowbray into Centennial..very dangerous at peak times. Thanks! Kind regards Mandy

  3. Hello ITC…..of great concern is the intersection of Centennial Ave and Barwon/Figtree ! The “red-light” runners on Centennial here are of plague proportions and anybody crossing the intersection is strongly advised to count to10 before driving across “on the Green”.

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