State Government tells ITC there is not a public transport issue in Lane Cove

freeway bus lane cove

After posting our blog last week about Lane Cove being a public transport black hole, we received a reply to our  letter to the Minister for Transport and infrastructure.

The Minister for Transport was too busy to respond but he did ask John Sidoti MP (parliamentary secretary for Transport and Roads) to respond.  Here is what he said:

Thank you for your correspondence to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure about bus services in Lane Cove.  The Minister asked me to respond on his behalf.

I note your suggestions and appreciate your feedback.  You may be assured the NSW government is aware of population and development along Mowbray Road and in Lane Cove.  The NSW Government is working closely with the Lane Cove and Willoughby councils to assess the need for more transport in the area.

I am advised that customers on Mowbray Road can currently catch route 533 and 534 bus services to Chatswood station and connect with T1 North Shore Line train services to the CBD and route 200 and M40 bus services to the CBD and Bondi Junction.  I understand that these services operate seven days a week.

Alternatively customers who reside towards the western end of Mowbray Road may prefer to catch buses services along Epping Road which includes routes 288, 290, 292,294,610, 618, 621 and 651 which travel to the CBD.

Additionally you may be interested to know that the Sydney’s  Bus Future takes a fresh look at the bus network to see where short, medium and long-term changes are needed to increase services and improve customer journeys.

As part of this plan, more than 1.5 million Sydneysiders will live within a 10-minute walk to the new turn up and go services.  Customers on Suburban routes will get a bus at least every 10 minutes in commuter peaks and every 15 minutes during the day on weekdays.  You may wish to visit for more information.

The NSW government regularly monitors bus routes and looks at ways to improve services.  I trust this information is of assistance.

After our last blog on this issue, we asked you to send in photos of your experience with Sydney Buses

Bus Delays Lane Cove public transport
Waiting for the Bus at Epping Road Interchange in the Morning
bus delays in lane cove from city
The wait for Lane Cove buses from Clarence Street at 6pm

north sydney bus via lane cove

A roving reporter sent us in the above photo – advising

Milsons point bus – before hitting interchange and dangerously full – this was the only North Sydney bound bus along Epping road for 15 mins during peak hour – luckily I get on earlier in the journey . I don’t think the government have taken into account the fact that most buses do not go through North Sydney anymore they go down the freeway – also full of school kids – where are the school buses ?

Keep those pictures coming in  of bus queues, packed buses, stats on the number of full buses that go past you at the Epping Road Interchange and waiting times for buses leaving the city.  We will collate these and send them to the local member and relevant NSW Minister.

Feel free to write to the NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and express your disappointment.  You can contact the Minister via this link

Minister Anthony Roberts sent us a copy of his letter to the Minister for Transport outlining a few of the issues that Lane Cove residents experience.  The letter mentions the 251 Bus (check out how packed it was when it left the village today for Cope Street)

Lack of Buses at Lane Cove 24.2.2106

roberts 2

packed 251

Do you have a question about Lane Cove you are dying to have answered? Please send us an email at [email protected]

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