Don’t buy a Problem Property – Get a Building Inspection

Thank you to Fadi from Besafe Property Inspections for sharing his expertise in how to NOT buy a problem property!

Don’t buy a problem property – Get a building inspection

You buy your dream home. It’s perfect, right down to the ornate original plasterwork. Only it’s not, and weeks later you realise every homeowner’s worst nightmare – you’ve inherited someone else’s problem.

And that defect – unsafe balcony balustrades, a termite infestation, or a water leak for instance – could cost thousands of dollars and cause a lot of frustration.

“That’s why it’s imperative for anyone buying or selling a property in Lane Cove to get a building inspection – to fix any defect before it’s too late,” says Fadi Keyrouz, director of Besafe Property Inspections.

“Buying a house is probably the biggest decision you’ll ever make. And you should have peace of mind that your dream property is safe, structurally sound, and worth its purchase price – so you own an asset and not a liability,” he says.

What could go wrong?

After 12 years and more than 6000 property inspections across Sydney, the licensed builder has seen it all.

“On the surface, a property might seem perfect. But looks can be deceiving. For example, I inspected a local home that was sold at auction a few weeks before Christmas. The client decided to get the inspection done after settlement. All seemed fine until I was crawling in the subfloor and discovered a rampant termite infestation. It was caused by a simple water leak in the ensuite – and as a result the entire bathroom walls and floor were decayed and needed replacing. The damage bill? Around $60,000.”

By comparison, spending around $500 on a comprehensive building and pest inspection is small charge.

And if you’re buying in Lane Cove, there are some specific issues to look out for.

“Lane Cove has many older properties, which often have foundation and roof problems. The original plumbing and wiring may also be defective, and this can be very expensive and hard to fix or replace,” says Fadi.

The area’s expansive parklands – seven parks covering close to 10 percent of the area – means termites are also a potential problem.

besafe termites

What does a building inspection cover?

  • A visual check of all structures – walls, ceilings, skirting, lights, windows, doors, and tapware.
  • Flood-testing the shower and taking a moisture reading from the walls, with thermal imaging on suspect areas.
  • Entering the roof to identify leaks, deflection, non-compliance, chemical delignification, termite damage, broken tiles and more.
  • Checking the roof exterior for damaged or deteriorated tiles and bedding, roof valleys, guttering and downpipes.
  • Crawling under the house to inspect the floor frame and check for movement, leaks, stains, decay, deformation, and mud.
  • Inspecting the exterior drainage, walls, and structure, and looking for signs of concrete cancer.

And you don’t have to be buying or selling to get a building inspection. Fadi recommends also doing it as part of your yearly property health check.

How should I choose a building inspector?

Fadi also gives some top tips for choosing a reliable, licensed building inspector. He says they should:

  • Be a licensed builder. Ask for their license number and do a check at the Fair Trading website.
  • Have a Professional Indemnity license.
  • Have a relevant qualification and industry experience.
  • Hold membership with an industry association such as the HIA or MBA.

You can also check the methods and equipment they use, and the average time they spend conducting the inspection.

That’s how since 2004, Besafe Property Inspections has built a reputation for exceptional attention to detail and unmatched customer service. Inspections are only done by licensed and expert builders and termite specialists.

They are also comprehensively insured, work fast, and present you with an easy-to-read, detailed report with photos. Even better, they can advise you on the renovations, costs, and council regulations to fix any defect. They’ll even liaise with the selling agent – and invite you to the inspection.

“That’s what I like most about being a builder inspector in Lane Cove – giving our clients peace of mind when they embark on buying a home, and seeing how happy they are when the property is defect-free,” says Fadi.

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