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It’s no secret that the ITC team has a sweet tooth. After all, we did eat our way through Lane Cove to compile our A to Z on Sweet Treats in Lane Cove. However after reading the 2012 report Sugar Consumption in Australia: A Statistical Update, we might need to rethink our sugar consumption. According to this study, Australians eat an average of 27 teaspoons of total sugars a day!!

Sometimes you are consuming sugar and you’re not even aware of it. The hidden sugars in your favourite foods will shock you.

Easter is just around the corner. Chocolate companies love Easter. Australians spend 50% more on chocolate in the weeks leading up to Easter. For the sole purpose of research, ITC purchased her favourite Easer Egg the Gold Lindt Bunny – only to discover that the entire bunny had 110grams of sugar per 200grams bunny.

Purchased for the sole purpose of research
Purchased for the sole purpose of research

Just in time for Easter, the team at Chiropractic Central are holding a workshop called Hey Sugar!!

sugar chiro central

Chiropractic Central are aiming to keep you AND the Easter bunny happy this year by providing ways to still have a fun Easter but by giving alternatives to heavy sugar treats that are still tasty.

They will be discussing why we should even care about sugar and what it does to the body and for longevity. At the workshop you will taste some healthy treats. There will also be some bubbles for a fun night.

Meet the speakers:

Dr Sarah MacNeill
Dr Sarah McNeill



Oliva McFayden
Oliva McFayden

Recently ITC attended a Stress and Meditation Workshop at Chiropractic Central. I have to say I was really impressed. In ITC’s previous life as a lawyer/corporate person I have sat through many workshops/seminars. I always say to myself, If I learn one thing I will be happy. I am pleased to say I took away many good ideas. Dr Sarah MacNeil is a really entertaining and knowledgeable presenter.

Chiropractic Central is a family wellness centre providing evidence-based, holistic care for your mind, body and spirit. They specialise in wellness modalities including corrective chiropractic, core strength, spinal hygiene exercise, wellness nutrition and emotional intelligence. Read our blog on stress management tips from Chiropractic Central.

The Hey Sugar Workshop is open to the community as a complementary educational fun night; spaces are limited and filling up so people need to RSVP by March 11th.

Workshop Details

14th March at 6pm (arrive at 5.30 for registration)

At Chiropractic Central: Suite D 161 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove (just behind Agora IGA and Renegade Cycles)

Contact Tara on 9418 9031 or [email protected] to book your spot. Space is limited.

Tel: +61 (02) 9418 9031
Fax: +61 (02) 9418 6330

Website:  www.chiropracticcentral.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChiropracticCentral/ 


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