National Neighbour Day

The National Neighbour Day campaign is held on the last Sunday in March each year. This year National Neighbour Day is the same day as Easter Sunday. So feel free to hold a Neighbour Day Event sometime in late March or early April. We would love you to hold a neighbourhood get together and send some photos to In the Cove. One of In the Cove’s aims is to support Lane Cove people getting to know each other.

The principal aim of Neighbour Day is to build better relationships with the people who live around us, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Neighbours are important because good relationships with others can and do change communities. Social connection also makes us feel better as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression.

Neighbour Day brings together like-minded people, resources, and organisations to grow stronger, well-connected communities. Working with neighbourhoods across Australia we aim to grow this ethos beyond a single day – to every day of the year. Responsibility for Australia’s annual celebration of community, Neighbour Day, was assumed by Relationships Australia from 1st January 2014.

Lane Cove Council is very keen on fostering a neighbourly relationship. In addition to promoting the 29 March campaign to the local community, Council intends to foster the sentiment of Neighbour Day all year round. This includes the provision of resources and events under the Love Where You Live campaign. As part of this commitment Council recently agreed to provide sponsorship to community events that foster relationships at a neighbourhood level – check back here soon for further details.

BREAKING NEWS! Lane Cove has become the first Council in Australia to receive the status of ‘Very Neighbourly Organisation’.

A Very Neighbourly Organisation must demonstrate the following five principles which represent the founding principles of Neighbour Day:-
  1. Strengthen communities and build better relationships with the people who live around us;
  2. Create safer, healthier and more vibrant suburbs and towns;
  3. Promote tolerance, respect and understanding;
  4. Break down community barriers; and
  5. Protect the elderly, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

This year the Lane Cove Council wants you to say hello to a new neighbour or say thank you to someone who lends a hand from time to time.  The Council has a great way for you to start a conversation with your neighbour with special postcards. All you need to do is contact Council on 9911 3591, visit the Civic Centre or send an email to [email protected]. We will then give you a Hello or Thank You postcard with room to write your message. PLUS Included with every postcard is a free Love Where You Live Lane Cove keyring. This keyring celebrates the wonderful people that make up the neighbourhoods that we have grown to know and love in Lane Cove.

For more information on Neighbour Day and other Very Neighbourly Organisations, visit the National Neighbour Day website.

Another good reason to be more neighbourly, is that apparently it helps you to live longer! Well, we blogged about it here, so it much be true!

street party neighbours

In fact joining any social group will lead to a longer life – for example get involved in a book club or wine club! Find out more here


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