The Boom Gate Saga – Lane Cove is not alone

Frequent readers of In the Cove may have noticed that ITC is not impressed with the ticketless parking system installed in Lane Cove Market Square.  It has now been in place since 2009.  For the first couple of years, the system did not cause issues. Then one day (without any notice) the system was changed so that the boom gate only opened automatically if you were in the car park for under three hours.  That was the day that the car park became a constant problem.

Since that time In the Cove has written several articles on the flawed system and spoken to the Lane Cove Council about the system numerous times.

One of our Facebook Fans pointed out an article in today’s paper on a similar type of ticketless car parking system in Queensland.  Indooroopilly Shopping Town was once one of the busiest suburban shopping centres in Brisbane.  They were also the first shopping centre in Queensland to introduce the ticketless parking system. The article is titled  “How to Kill A Shopping Centre” 

The article quotes several shoppers and you may recognise some of their issues:

“The automated system sometimes malfunctions, leaving visitors unable to exit. “I was stuck in your shopping centre due to a power outage just to the gates and the gates not being able to manually open,” wrote Emily Lowes. “A big flaw — frustrating.”

The licence plate recognition system has also been beset with issues.

Customers who make multiple visits on the same day have reported a glitch in the system not registering they have left, leading to them being charged for the entire time.

Sound familiar?  The multiple visits issue is probably the most annoying glitch in the system installed in Lane Cove Market Square (which was installed by a different operator to the Indooroopilly Shopping Town system).  So Lane Cove your frustration is being felt elsewhere.  Which leads us to the question we have asked so many times – if it does not work why do we still have the system?

To find out more about the ‘state of the art’ ticket-less system (that Lane Cove was the first to adopt) you can read these blogs:

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