Be On the Lookout For These Scams

It can be difficult to spot a scam, and the scammers can be very cunning. There are few scams around at the moment you should look out for.

Fake $50 Notes

According to recent media reports crime syndicates are flooding Australia with counterfeit $50 banknotes. More than 33,000 fake $50 notes were removed from circulation in 2014-15, triple the number detected just two years ago. However, this figure only represents a small amount of fake money flowing through the Australian economy amid a massive spike in the number of counterfeiting operations being uncovered by police.

This is how you spot a fake $50. It is also a good idea to compare your note with another $50 note from a different source.


RBA Banknotes Counterfeit Detection Guide


Call: 1800 633 220
8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday
Email: [email protected]

Counterfeit Detection Guide 754KB

Australian Federal Police

You will receive an Email with the subject heading “You Have Been Issued”. This Email purports to come from the Australian Federal Police. Do not click on any link in this Email and delete the email from your Inbox and Deleted folder. The AFP does not issue subpoenas via email.


Federal Express

Be wary of receiving an Email advising you that Federal Express could not deliver a parcel or a delivery notification. What I find scary about this Email is that I usually receive it when I am expecting a parcel!! In fact, they do tend to target times when people are expecting parcels, like Christmas and Mother’s Day. Again, do not click on any attachments.

fedex2 fedex

If you’re concerned you’ve responded to one of these emails; you can report it through the ACORN ( or to SCAMwatch (

Australia Post

Again be wary of receiving the type of Email below from Australia Post. Australia Post will put a notice in your letter box if a package was undeliverable. Delete any email claiming to be from Australia Post about an undelivered package.


Win a Cruise

Recently the North Shore LAC reported a Facebook SCAM page named ‘Royal Caribbean Australia”. The Facebook page offered Australian residents a chance to win a cruise. All you had to do was click on the link and share the post. According to the North Shore LAC the page is “dodgy” and has no connection to Royal Caribbean International, an American global cruise line operator. The page has been removed. However, this page is a typical survey scam and is designed to entice you to give out your personal details.

Are you aware of any other scams?  Let us know about them.


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