8 Things to do During Earth Hour in Lane Cove

earth hour

At 8.30pm  on Saturday 19 March 2016, homes and businesses across Lane Cove will switch off their lights and electronic devices for Earth Hour. Earth Hour started in Australia and has now gone global. People from all over the world unite by switching off their lights for an hour to show they care about the future of our planet. The aim is to inspire everyone to take action to tackle climate change.

Australia has been celebrating Earth Hour since 2007 and it is now the world’s largest grassroots movement with over 7,000 cities in more than 172 countries and territories joining last year to create a symbolic and spectacular lights out display. The question that is being asked this year is will Malcolm Turnbull turn off his lights.


You can show your support by signing up on the Earth Hour site here. So what can you do for an hour in the dark (keep it clean people). Well here are some ideas:

  • a romantic candlelight dinner;
  • play cards by candlelight;
  • invite your neighbours over to have a drink by candlelight.
  • do some star gazing;
  • go for a walk in the plaza;
  • try some candlelight yoga;
  • have an unplugged jam session;
  • read some books to your kids by candlelight

Join in the fun and show your support for our glorious planet!

If you want to find our more about Earth Hour and things happening near Lane Cove, you can visit the Earth Hour website here.

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