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Comedian Simon Kennedy is a busy man. He is in constant demand as a comedian for corporate events and the comedy circuit. He also keeps very busy as a voice-over artist (he has a studio at home) and writer for television, radio, and print.

Simon lives in Lane Cove with his partner and children. Some of you may have seen a local comedy gig Simon did last year. He was incredibly insightful and nailed some local Lane Cove people (remember imitation is a form of flattery).

You can also see Simon as a regular guest host on Studio Ten. Check out Simon’s Tony Abbott impersonation here.

As a writer, Simon has worked in radio and advertising bringing brands to life. He was the head creative behind the NOVA radio brand for 7 years and has since worked with many other brands to add personality, humour and creative edge to their public personas.

Simon’s first Melbourne International Comedy Festival show was Fishing for Cigars in 2001, followed by his successful one-man show The Angina Monologues at Sydney’s famed Old Fitzroy Hotel Theatre and the 2003 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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As seems to be the case for many comedians, Simon’s life has been tinged with sadness and grief. Simon’s mum worked hard all her life. After she retired, she planned an amazing trip-of-a-lifetime to the United States. She had a fabulous time and was on her way back to Australia. On September 11 2001, she boarded American Airlines Flight 77. This was the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. There were no survivors and Simon’s mother was the only Australian on board. This tragic death changed Simon’s approach to his comedy: “I think it really cemented my moral compass…..it made me think what do I believe in? I developed a real hatred of racism out of the experience”.

Some of Yvonne’s personal objects were recovered from the crash site, and have been donated to the National Museum of Australia. ITC highly recommends you read the page dedicated to Yvonne Kennedy on the National Museum of Australia’s website. It is fascinating.

There is also a memorial to Yvonne at the Pentagon.

Yvonne Kennedy's bench at the Pentagon Memorial park. Photo: Simon Kennedy.
Yvonne Kennedy’s bench at the Pentagon Memorial Park. Photo: Simon Kennedy.

Simon has documented his feelings in a book called 9/11 and the Art of Happiness. It is an amazing insight into survival and regrowth following a devastating tragedy. How do you forgive anyone who commits a random act of deadly violence against a family member? How do you learn to be happy again?

nine eleven

So try and catch one of Simon’s gigs.  You can find out where he will be performing on his Facebook Page.

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