Are Our Parks and Play Equipment Too Safe?

Recently the Huffington Post reported that some experts in Canada believe their playgrounds were too safe, and should be redesigned to be “riskier”. Apparently research has found that riskier play helps prepare kids for real life and that kids who aren’t allowed to take risks may show greater anxiety and depression later on. They are suggesting that parks would be more exciting and challenging for kids if the play equipment was purposely designed to let kids take risks in a safe environment. Playgrounds should include flying foxes, different size swings and a rope walkway.

This research led ITC to wonder if Lane Cove parks needed an upgrade to allow children to take more risks. So we went in search of some “riskier” play equipment, and we think we found some.

Henley Park (near Lane Cove West School)

This park has a rope climbing frame (so this would be considered risky in Canada)

Park Lane Cove

However this climbing frame is tiny compared to the huge climbing frame at Putney Park.

putney park climbing frame

Marjorie York Park (Riverview)

This park has a much loved old steam roller with the occasional rust patch (and probably a Red Back spider or two too…). Why is this risky? Well a younger Miss ITC used to fall off this quite regularly.

marjorie york park

Hughes Park (Lane Cove West)

Hughes Park is Lane Cove’s newest park and has a climbing wall.

hughes park climbing wall

Newlands Park (St Leonards/Lane Cove)

This park has a very cool slide. You can really “fly” down this slide, particularly if you use a blanket or cardboard. This slide was deemed a bit too risky and about a year ago was replaced by a slide that was ground level.


newlands park slide before



Burns Bay Reserve 

Burns Bay Reserve has a flying fox.

Burns Bay Reserve Flying Fox
Photo: Kylie Dunlop Photography

Charlish Park

Charlish Park is located on Centennial Avenue (behind the Lane Cove Bowling Club). The best part about this park is not actually the play equipment but the big hill near it. Kids love to roll down this hill or take some cardboard and slide down it. There is a good climbing frame and slide. You can read more about this park here.

charlish park
Source: Weekend Notes

Our research into Lane Cove parks and playgrounds revealed there is something for everyone. The new Hughes Park is a welcome addition. However do we have a playground that has super challenging equipment and variety in Lane Cove?  Hmmm, we are not quite sure about this. The answer is probably not. If you really want a park that is packed full of different and challenging play equipment, then you might want to head over to Putney Park. You can find out more about it here.

putney park
Putney Park Putney Source: Timeout

Which is your favourite playground in Lane Cove?  Which is your child’s favourite piece of play equipment?

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