Are you ITC’s Roving Reporter of the Month?

March Roving Reporter Lane Cove

This month our Roving Reporters have been all over it.  We have known about incidents before the media!!  In the Cove just wants to say a big thank you.  We could not run In the Cove without you.  Give yourselves a big virtual round of applause.  This month, it was so hard to pick a roving reporter, that we had to give runner-up prizes.

March Roving Reporter

Our roving reporter of the month is Rowena Sarich. Rowena sent us numerous photos and snippets about current events in Lane Cove.

Our roving reporter receives a $50 voucher to a Lane Cove business listed in our business directory.  Please PM us your details and let us know which fine Lane Cove shop you would like to receive your voucher from.


Runners Up

Bridget Sneddon (Bridget won our roving reporter of the month last month, she continues to keep us up to date on a diverse range of matters). Last month, Bridget requested a book voucher from Burns Bay Bookery

Matt Marshall – Matt told us something that nobody else had reported, and it was news to ITC.  Well done Matt.

Both Brigid and Matt have won our limited edition, truly fabulous and functional Lane Cove Mugs.  Please PM us your address and we will deliver them to your door.

Lane Cove Mug

Keep up the good work roving reporters we truly appreciate it.

So what does a Roving Reporter do?

  • lets us know of any incidents (traffic jams, power outages, break and enters, etc.);
  • tells us about all the things you love in the Cove;
  • tells us top tips for living in the Cove;
  • provides us with your favorite recipes (using ingredients you can easily source In the Cove (I feel an In the Cove cookbook not far away!!!)
  • tells us your favorite café, butcher, fruit shop, hairdresser, vet, park, massage therapy place, beautician or Lane Cove shop or place;
  • tells us your favorite community organisation;
  • let us know if they have done something extraordinary;
  • lets us know local issues that impact on  day to day activities;
  • Is a photojournalist that snaps beautiful pictures of Lane Cove – if it includes people please obtain their express consent to post it on In The Cove.

Entering our roving reporter competition is a game of skill not chance and all entries must be received by cob of the penultimate day of the month.

By the way, ITC was in the newsagent the other day, and someone asked  if I was local and knew anything about local businesses.  They came to the right place.  They wanted to know if there were any independent butchers in Lane Cove.  Yes, there is and we have two of them in our business directory Hummerstons Gourmet Meats and Springbok Delights.


Do you have a question about Lane Cove you are dying to have answered? Please send us an email at [email protected]

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