The Lane Cove Lift Saga

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The lift at the Epping Road Bus Interchange (the Lane Cove Council side) has been reported to ITC as not working for over four months or working intermittently. A roving reporter tried the lift on Sunday night, and it was not working. An inoperable lift is a problem for the elderly, people with disabilities or parents with prams. If the lift is not working, you must cross four different intersections to access the bus interchange to the city or Lane Cove North (see below).

lane cove interchange map
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ITC wrote to the Lane Cove Council and asked if they would advise a timetable for fixing the problem. The Lane Cove Council advised as follows:

“The elevators operating in conjunction with the walkway over Longueville Road are owned and maintained by the RMS. Lane Cove Council is aware of the ongoing issues with one or both elevators requiring repair and the delays experienced in this process. The Council has, since the installation of the lifts, been concerned about their unreliability. The lift outages cause enormous difficulties for the aged and for people with disability who want to be able to access the bus interchange This matter has been raised by Council with the RMS on a regular basis and their response is that measures are in place including weekly inspections to ensure cleanliness and general operational functionality. Council refers callers to the RMS on 131700 if they call to report that the lifts are out of operation so that they are aware of the frequency and inconvenience of this unreliable service.”

ITC called the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) to seek their advice on when the lift will be fixed. The RMS advised they have referred this matter to OTIS (the lift installer). They further advised that if a lift is not operational for a period, it usually but not necessarily means OTIS is waiting on a part from overseas. RMS told ITC that they would raise this matter with OTIS again.

Who Should You Call About the Lift?

If you experience a problem with this lift, ITC recommends calling the following numbers:

OTIS 1800 626 847
RMS 131 700
When calling please quote Lift Number F8387

Action is more likely to occur if OTIS receives numerous calls from Lane Cove Residents.

Have you experienced a problem with this lift?  Have you reported the issue to the RMS or OTIS?  What was their response?

Lane cove lift council side

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