Common Mistakes You’re Making At The Cafe

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It’s no secret that Lane Covians love their coffee and they love hanging out in local cafes (ITC has a PhD in coffee drinking).  Well, our Health and Wellness blogger, Katrina from Body Fusion is back to offer some advice on how to make your cafe visits a bit healthier.


Catching up for coffee is a chance to socialise, gossip, work, complain about the kids but have you ever stopped to think about how it could be influencing your nutrition? Cafe’s can be healthy eating traps, dazzling desserts, banana breads and muffins make it hard for even the strong willed to say no. It isn’t news that avoiding these decadent treats regularly is advised, but many of our clients still scratch their head about why they can’t lose weight or achieve their health goals, it isn’t until we look at what their ordering on a daily or weekly basis at cafe’s that we see some hidden common mistakes:

1. Ordering a large coffee

There is no doubt that portion sizes have increased dramatically over the past few years and there is no better place to see that than at a café. A large mocha, made with regular milk contains 1.5 serves of dairy and over 300 calories (1260kJ) – which is over half of what an entire meal should be! A healthy snack should contain between 150 – 200 calories (500-600kJ), so you can see how these upgrades are overdoing it.

SOLUTION: Swap to a small or regular. Still thirsty? Order a sparkling water or herbal tea instead.

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2. Adding sugar & syrups

Fancy your coffee with a sugar or two or three? You are not alone, Australian’s are predicted to consume 12 teaspoons of ADDED sugar per day. That is double what the World Health Organisation has set as the absolute upper limit. Added sugars contribute to weight gain/obesity, insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The sugar that is added to coffee is also high GI, meaning that it will pick you up fast but make you very tired and cranky not long afterwards – we know that if mumma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

SOLUTION: Add cinnamon to your coffee to add flavour and enjoy a fresh piece of fruit afterwards instead.

3. Picking at the kid’s food

You’ve sat down with your skim cap and you’ve ordered the kids a cheese & ham croissant. Halfway through they climb under the table and are running around the cafe whilst their half eaten morning tea is staring at you on the plate. ‘Oh I hate wasting food’, gobble gobble gobble, down goes the croissant you hadn’t planned on eating – oops. Sound familiar?

Adding this high fat, refined carb snack to your morning has added the same energy as 3 pieces of fruit and it may also mean that you’ve given up on your healthy eating plan for the rest of the day.

SOLUTION: Remove temptation, when the kid’s are finished put a napkin on top, push it away or ask them to clear the table. Out of sight, out of mind. You have to pay for it anyway right, so why pay for it on your body as well?

4. Choosing a ‘healthy’ treat

Raw cacao brownies, superfood banana bread & protein balls mask as healthy alternatives to regular cakes and slices. Just because it is organic, raw or refined sugar free, doesn’t mean it is healthy. Many of these raw treats are made with energy rich foods like nuts, seeds, dates and syrups, meaning they still clock up a lot of energy in just a small bite. This is dangerous territory because as soon as a food is labelled as ‘healthy’ we give ourselves permission to eat more of it. Portion size still matters here!

SOLUTION: Don’t be fooled by the marketing, ask what is in the healthy treat and only eat half or share with a friend. PS: If you are looking for something that tastes like a treat (but is totally healthy) flick over to our blog for our super easy, 5-minute banana pancake recipe.

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5. If you do blow it don’t let it ruin in the rest of your day

Our clients who do the best with sustaining a healthy weight are those who realise they are human. If they accidentally overeat or have a vulnerable moment, don’t self-blame or go letting it snowball. We’ve all been there. Focus on getting back to a healthy lunch or dinner or a lighter but nutritious meal if you have over eaten to balance things out.

SUMMARY: You’ve got to be savvy and order smartly at the café. Sip small coffees slowly, reduce any added sugars and watch those hands chasing after leftovers.

We work with all of our clients to ensure they till enjoy their cafe visits, whilst losing weight and feeling better in their bodies at the same time. Yes, it is possible. Just give us a call and come and see us to find out how!


Katrina Mills Dietician Lane CoveKatrina Mills  is an enthusiastic and driven dietitian/nutritionist who was inspired by food and nutrition from a young age. She believes that whole, natural foods should be one of the cornerstones of a balanced, healthy lifestyle that can be enjoyed by all – no matter what walk of life.  You can find out more about Katrina here


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