Watch Out – Pedestrians About Longueville Road and Epping Road

The Longueville Road and Epping Road Intersection is dangerous. It is particularly dangerous for people crossing from the Lane Cove Council side to 71 Longueville Road.  More people are crossing there. Why?

This intersection is controlled by a set of lights and it is a major road, therefore the RMS is responsible for managing this intersection. It was envisaged that most people would use the crossover walkway above Longueville Road/Epping Road to access the Bus Interchange.  However the lift that services the walkway is more often than not out of commission.  Read our blog here about the lift and who you can contact to notify the operators that the lift is not working.

It is dangerous to cross this intersection, because the cars turning right from Epping Road can easily hit a pedestrian. Check out our roving reporter’s video report.  You will see that drivers are obviously turning right on a red arrow or  dangeously queuing during peak period.





From 2009-2014 there were 19 incidences involving pedestrians at lights or pedestrian crossings in Lane Cove. Thankfully only one accident was recorded (during this time period) at the Longueville Rd/Epping Rd intersection.

This intersection also forms part of the Lane Cove to Sydney CBD bike path – from the video above you can see that this crossing is not only dangerous for pedestrians, it is also dangerous for bikes.

Also if you are a pedestrian – be alert.  Do not wear your headphones when crossing this intersection, do not check your phone when crossing this intersection.  We will be sending a link to this blog to the RMS and Minister for Roads.

distracted teenagers lane cove

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