Lane Cove Get Ready for Another Wet Weekend

The Bureau of Meteorology are keeping a close eye on the possibility of another East Coast Low forming this weekend. This could mean substantial rainfall.

Dr Andrew Tupper, Centre Director of the Bureau’s National Operations Centre said the situation will become clearer in the next few days.

“There is still uncertainty about the timing and extent of the impacts, but we have increasing confidence in a widespread rainfall event developing over southern and eastern Queensland, and inland northern New South Wales.”

“Low pressure systems like this low can produce very heavy rainfall, damaging winds and dangerous surf conditions and residents should keep an eye on local forecasts and warnings as the situation evolves.”

“It’s not unusual to have East Coast Lows develop in fairly quick succession. On average, the eastern seaboard sees seven significant East Coast Lows each year, and most occur between June and August. These systems are major rain producing events for the east coast of Australia,” Dr Tupper said.

The development of East Coast Lows is driven by a range of overlapping factors, and forecasting them many days ahead involves a significant amount of uncertainty. All of the major Australian and international computer weather models used by Bureau forecasters are in good agreement about the development of this system although its exact location and intensity will drive the final impact.

“At this stage, people from the Queensland coast to Tasmania should be aware of the potential for more severe weather this weekend and into next week and stay up to date with Bureau forecasts. If you are in an area expecting severe weather, please follow advice from your local emergency authorities,” Dr Tupper said.

As always, Bureau forecasters are working closely with emergency services to help them plan and prepare for potential impacts.  During the last big wet the SES, Ausgrid, NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Rural Fire Service, the Ambulance and the Police all worked long and hard to provide essential services.

The SES has a dedicated storm safe website.  You can also download the SES Stormsafe App which includes a News and Alerts feature. This allows the NSW SES to send out real-time information and updates to users.

If you need help from the SES – you can call their number 13 25 00.

If you have time, get ready for the next big wet by undertaking these home maintenance tasks:

  • Clean out your gutter and down pipes. Make sure that all drains are free from leaves and debris;
  • If you live in an Apartment with a balcony, make sure any drains on the balcony are unblocked and free of leaves. Water can pool on balconies if the drains are blocked, this can lead to flooding;
  • Inspect your roof or hire a professional to examine your roof and look for any tiles that are cracked or loose;
  • Check the flashing around skylights and chimneys;
  • Rake Leaves near gutters, so that the gutters are not blocked;
  • Trim Trees and Branches that could fall on your home.

Thank you very much to Service Heroes from Lane Cove West for the above tips. ITC had a meeting with Service Heroes last week and they told ITC that they had 50 call outs over the last big wet weekend, They operate a 24/7 service. They wanted ITC to thank their staff who made themselves available to work on emergency calls during the entire weekend. Their number is 1800 694 376.

Information Sources
SES Northern Sydney SES or for emergency help
13 25 00
Power Outages Ausgrid
North Shore LAC LAC
RSPCA (for information on distressed animals) RSPCA
NSW Rural Fire NSWRF
Water Outages Sydney Water


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