Lane Cove Week in Review – 20th to 26th June 2016

Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review, for the 20th to 26th June 2016.

Although there was a squad of police in the plaza this week, we still had reports of bin theft, mail theft and the usual traffic issues.

Locals in the Media

Lane Cove Orthodontics visit KIIS FM

Any KIIS FM fans out there? Did you hear a prank earlier in the week with Jackie O pretending to have braces?! Well, the team from Lane Cove Orthodontics were responsible for fabricating her fake braces for the prank! They got to hang out at the KIIS FM studios. There is a video of the prank HERE

lane cove ortho kiis fm

The “Fake Tradie”

Lane Covian Andrew MacRae became an overnight internet sensation, being labeled a “fake tradie” in a Liberal Party campaign video.  Turns out Andrew is a REAL tradie, a metalworker in fact. The media were camped outside his place, and he reportedly said to them “Thanks for coming to meet the real ‘fake tradie'” You can read all about it HERE.

Coffee with the Cops

On Wednesday morning, the North Shore Local Area Command & Police Transport Command – Chatswood, spent a couple of hours in the plaza, chatting with locals, charming little kids, handing out goody bags, and last but not least, free coffee vouchers.

We reckon the cops probably got sick of every person asking them when they were going to re-open a station in Lane Cove! (FYI – they said they would love to come back, but it is up to the powers that be…)

cops coffee plaza

Hughes Park

Big news, via a Roving Reporter. Shade Cloths have finally been installed at Hughes Park! Bring on summer!

shade cloth HUghes park
Shade Cloth being installed at Hughes Park. Photo by a Roving Reporter


On Wednesday evening, a Roving Reporter alerted us to this – “A bus has broken down turning into Lane cove from Epping Road and is blocking all three lanes of traffic coming on to Longueville Road expect long delays”. We hope none of you were home late for dinner!

Movie in the Plaza

On Friday night it was very icy in the plaza, but it didn’t stop the local kids cuddling up together on beanbags, under blankets, to watch Frozen on a big screen. You can see a short video here – Frozen at the Plaza

frown movie

English Rugby Team ITC

On Saturday afternoon, some members of the English Ruby Team joined the Lane Cove Junior Rugby Club at their Viva7s tryout at Tantallon Oval. The English guys took time out to chat to the kids and were happy to pose for photos too.

English Rugby Team
At Tantallon Oval. Photo by a Roving Reporter

Saturday Evening Power Outage

At around 6pm on Saturday evening, there was a power outage for some homes in Lane Cove North, Lane Cove and Lane Cove West. The power was back on by 9pm.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This week we announced the Roving Reporter for May 2016 – congratulations to Matlida Lamb. You can read more about it HERE.

Our winning Roving Reporter receives a $50 voucher to a Lane Cove business of their choice, listed in our Business Directory.

roving reporter lane cove

Stop Press

Chargrill Charlies now have a sign on their counter top which points to their Ticket Machine. Will this help with the ticket confusion? Only time will tell!


The team at Cellarbrations Lane Cove (under Coles) shared an article on their Facebook page, which we in turn shared with you guys – and you loved it as much as we did! In case you missed the post, it is HERE


Crime Report

Stolen trailer – Lane Cove West

Around 9:12pm on Sunday 19th June a 2013 Grey bow trailer was parked and secured on Orion Road, Lane Cove West. At this time, unknown person/s have stolen the vehicle by attaching it to another vehicle and towing it away.

CCTV footage being reviewed shows (what appears to be) a silver Nissan Navara utility driving out of a car park at that location, with the trailer attached. Two males are also observed in the footage (not further described).

Police are continuing their investigations and ask if anyone observed this incident could they contact police.

Police would also like to remind the community that it is recommended to use a wheel clamp or heavy duty chain to secure trailers and avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Workplace incident – Greenwich

Around 8:30am on Tuesday 21st June a 34 year old male from Ashfield was working at a building site located on Pacific Highway, Greenwich. At the time, the 34 year old male and three other workers were moving bags of concrete, approx 20 – 25kg in weight from the 5th floor of the unit complex to the ground floor via a bucket and pulley system.

The 34 year old was standing on the ground with another worker as bags of concrete were being lowered down to them. During this time, a bag of concrete was loaded into the bucket and in the process of being lowered down, however it is alleged that neither the 34 year old nor his co-worker had control of the ropes which are used to guide the bucket safely to the ground. As a result, the bucket has fallen causing the bag of concrete to fall out, striking the 34 year old on the head.

The male sustained injuries to his face, resulting in a number of teeth breaking. He also sustained a small haematoma to the back of the head. After the incident the male lost consciousness for a period of time.

Police and ambulance crews were contacted and arrived at the site a short time later. The ambulance crew and intensive care paramedic stabilised the male before conveying him to Royal North Shore Hospital.

WorkCover NSW attended the site and conducted investigations into the incident. At this time, the male is in a stable condition at hospital.

Break and Enters in the local area this week:-

Fox Street, LANE COVE – Between 12:45pm and 1:00pm on Monday 20th June

Reported to us by ITC Roving Reporters – 20th to 26th June

Missing Bins – A Roving Reporter contacted us to ask:

“Have you had any other reports of green waste bins being stolen? We are in Cullen Street Lane Cove West and one of ours went on Friday.

It’s not the first time we’ve had a bin stolen but it’s been some years since an incident, and we had put our address all over them all.”

It turns out they aren’t the only ones, as you guys replied to our post about it on Facebook, telling us about your experiences of missing bins. You can read it HERE

Bin Placement – Still related to bins, another Roving Reporter said “We received a notice today from URM telling us that if our bins aren’t 30cm apart they won’t be collected…better put the tape measure next to the bins every Wednesday night!!”. You have been warned!

Mail Theft – The mail theives are back, with a Roving reporter contacting us this week to say that their mail was stolen from their apartment on Longueville Road.

Upcoming Event of the Week

Have your brekkie at Lodge this week, and help raise money for Mowbray Public School.

lodge charity breakfast

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