Say Cheese!! Lane Cove Vet investigate your Pet’s Smelly Breath

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Does your pet have smelly breath?? The good folk at Lane Cove Veterinary Hospital are on a mission to rid your home of cheesy dog and cat breath!

Throughout July and August, they are offering FREE dental consultations in an effort to promote dental awareness in our pets.

Lane Cove Veterinary Hospital are passionate about your pets, and share some more information with us about dental related pet issues. Thanks Lane Cove Vet!

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One of the most overlooked problems in our pets is dental disease. As in people, your pet’s dental health is linked to their overall health and well being!

Dental health issues become more common and severe with age, so it’s crucial that from an early age your pet becomes used to having their mouth checked, and accustomed to a balanced, predominantly dry food, diet.

People visit the dentist at least once every year, but that would equate to about 6 to 8 years in our pets!! Regular 6 monthly dental checks at the vet will help your pet become accustomed to the experience, and help ensure dental problems are identified and treated before they become significant diseased.

The tricky thing about dental disease is that your pet may not show signs of mouth pain or discomfort all!  Both dogs and cats will not show weakness or pain until it becomes excruciating to eat. Obviously, we don’t want our animals to get to this point, so checking your pet’s teeth regularly is crucial. Signs to look out in your pet are bad breath, red and swollen gums, difficulty or bleeding when eating, decreased appetite and yellow/brown build up on teeth.

Apart from regular check-ups, there are some really easy ways in which you can help maintain your pet’s dental health. Tooth brushing with finger or kids tooth brushes cleans mild tartar from teeth, however not all pets will tolerate this. Prescription veterinary diets, such as the Royal Canin canine and feline “dental” diets are clinically proven to be very effective in keeping plaque and tartar at bay. The kibbles are larger and do not shatter immediately when bitten into, therefore as the tooth penetrates the kibble, plaque and other debris is wiped away. Dental mouth washes such Hexarinse, dental chews and toys are also a great way to reduce tartar and plaque build up.

Your local veterinary clinic is the best place to head for all your pet dental health information and advice. At Lane Cove Veterinary Hospital, throughout July and August we are offering FREE dental consultations in an effort to promote dental awareness in our pets. Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 9428 1174 for more details.

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